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The moon is a powerful symbol of healing and magic. Any who dream they're protected by the moon shall know faith and fortitude. I hope I'm worthy of such a vision. This user dreamed of a quest that calls them to action. It was a vision of the Shield of the Moon.
The world is a delicious and gorgeous place created for us to explore, enjoy, and protect. I will seek out the lessons in every experience, and as I grow, I will have more to offer in return. This user believes that the most important of Ventari's teachings is that where life goes, so too, should you.
Sylvari awakened at night are secretive and cautious with information. We make our own decisions, and we come and go as we please, nimble of mind and body. The Pale Tree awakened this user during the Cycle of Night.
Necromancer This user is a Necromancer.
Trickster demons from the Mists find ways to enter our world to tear it apart. I, too, am a destructive force, and all shall fear me. A necromancer's closest companion is death. In acknowledgement of this, this user marks their face with the symbol of a trickster demon.
Whisper heavy armor concept art.jpg This character will join the Order of Whispers!

(Draén was created August 27, 2012)

Draen is Welsh for "thorn". Draén joined the Order of Whispers, my first character to do so. On January 31, 2013, Draén had a major makeover, even changing gender from male to female.

Draén's Story:


Fighting the Nightmare

Chapter 1: Waking from the Nightmare


Holding Back the Darkness

A Sly Trick

Deeply Tangled Roots

The Heart of Nightmare

Chapter 2: A Season of Growth:

Where Life Goes

An Unknown Soul

A Different Dream

Snuffing Out Embers

Chapter 3: Branching Out

A Splinter in the Flesh

Sharpened Thorns

The Blossom of Youth

Trouble at the Roots

A Tangle of Weeds

Chapter 4: To Know the Unknown

Stealing Secrets

Down the Hatch

Thrown Off Guard

An Apple a Day

Chapter 5: A Friend In Deed

☐ Rat-Tastrophe

☐ undecided at this time

☐ Set To Blow

Chapter 6: This Far, No Further

Suspicious Activity

The Battle of Claw Island


☐ undecided at this time

A Light in the Darkness

Critical Blowback


Chapter 7: The Cost of Victory

Forging the Pact

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

The Battle of Fort Trinity

☐ undecided at this time

Chapter 8: Savior of Tyria

Temple of the Forgotten God

☐ undecided at this time

What the Eye Beholds

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

Further into Orr

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

Against the Corruption

☐ undecided at this time

The Source of Orr

Victory or Death

Appendix: Reuniting Destiny's Edge

Ascalonian Catacombs

Caudecus's Manor

Twilight Arbor

Sorrow's Embrace

Citadel of Flame

Honor of the Waves

Crucible of Eternity


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