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Type Weapon
Axe Royal Ascalonian Axe.png Royal Ascalonian Axe
Dagger Royal Ascalonian Dagger.png Royal Ascalonian Dagger
Mace Royal Ascalonian Mace.png Royal Ascalonian Mace
Pistol Royal Ascalonian Pistol.png Royal Ascalonian Pistol
Scepter Royal Ascalonian Scepter.png Royal Ascalonian Scepter
Sword Royal Ascalonian Sword.png Royal Ascalonian Sword
Focus Royal Ascalonian Focus.png Royal Ascalonian Focus
Warhorn Royal Ascalonian Warhorn.png Royal Ascalonian Warhorn
Torch Royal Ascalonian Torch.png Royal Ascalonian Torch
Shield Royal Ascalonian Shield.png Royal Ascalonian Shield
Greatsword Royal Ascalonian Greatsword.png Royal Ascalonian Greatsword
Hammer Royal Ascalonian Hammer.png Royal Ascalonian Hammer
Longbow Royal Ascalonian Longbow.png Royal Ascalonian Longbow
Rifle Royal Ascalonian Rifle.png Royal Ascalonian Rifle
Short bow Royal Ascalonian Short Bow.png Royal Ascalonian Short Bow
Staff Royal Ascalonian Staff.png Royal Ascalonian Staff
Harpoon gun Royal Ascalonian Speargun.png Royal Ascalonian Speargun
Spear Royal Ascalonian Harpoon.png Royal Ascalonian Harpoon
Trident Royal Ascalonian Trident.png Royal Ascalonian Trident
Axe Golden Wing Axe.png Golden Wing Axe
Dagger Golden Wing Dagger.png Golden Wing Dagger
Mace Golden Wing Mace.png Golden Wing Mace
Pistol Golden Wing Pistol.png Golden Wing Pistol
Scepter Golden Wing Scepter.png Golden Wing Scepter
Sword Golden Wing Sword.png Golden Wing Sword
Focus Golden Wing Focus.png Golden Wing Focus
Warhorn Golden Wing Warhorn.png Golden Wing Warhorn
Torch Golden Wing Torch.png Golden Wing Torch
Shield Golden Wing Shield.png Golden Wing Shield
Greatsword Golden Wing Greatsword.png Golden Wing Greatsword
Hammer Golden Wing Hammer.png Golden Wing Hammer
Longbow Golden Wing Longbow.png Golden Wing Longbow
Rifle Golden Wing Rifle.png Golden Wing Rifle
Short bow Golden Wing Short Bow.png Golden Wing Short Bow
Staff Golden Wing Staff.png Golden Wing Staff
Harpoon gun Golden Wing Rifle.png Golden Wing Speargun
Spear Golden Wing Harpoon.png Golden Wing Harpoon
Trident Golden Wing Staff.png Golden Wing Trident
Axe Nightmare Axe.png Nightmare Axe
Dagger Nightmare Dagger.png Nightmare Dagger
Mace Nightmare Mace.png Nightmare Mace
Pistol Nightmare Pistol.png Nightmare Pistol
Scepter Nightmare Scepter.png Nightmare Scepter
Sword Nightmare Sword.png Nightmare Sword
Focus Nightmare Focus.png Nightmare Focus
Warhorn Nightmare Warhorn.png Nightmare Warhorn
Torch Nightmare Torch.png Nightmare Torch
Shield Nightmare Shield.png Nightmare Shield
Greatsword Nightmare Greatsword.png Nightmare Greatsword
Hammer Nightmare Hammer.png Nightmare Hammer
Longbow Nightmare Longbow.png Nightmare Longbow
Rifle Nightmare Rifle.png Nightmare Rifle
Short bow Nightmare Short Bow.png Nightmare Short Bow
Staff Nightmare Staff.png Nightmare Staff
Harpoon gun Nightmare Rifle.png Nightmare Speargun
Spear Nightmare Harpoon.png Nightmare Harpoon
Trident Nightmare Staff.png Nightmare Trident
Axe Dark Asuran Axe.png Dark Asuran Axe
Dagger Dark Asuran Dagger.png Dark Asuran Dagger
Mace Dark Asuran Mace.png Dark Asuran Mace
Pistol Dark Asuran Pistol.png Dark Asuran Pistol
Scepter Dark Asuran Scepter.png Dark Asuran Scepter
Sword Dark Asuran Sword.png Dark Asuran Sword
Focus Dark Asuran Focus.png Dark Asuran Focus
Warhorn Dark Asuran Warhorn.png Dark Asuran Warhorn
Torch Dark Asuran Torch.png Dark Asuran Torch
Shield Dark Asuran Shield.png Dark Asuran Shield
Greatsword Dark Asuran Greatsword.png Dark Asuran Greatsword
Hammer Dark Asuran Hammer.png Dark Asuran Hammer
Longbow Dark Asuran Longbow.png Dark Asuran Longbow
Rifle Dark Asuran Rifle.png Dark Asuran Rifle
Short bow Dark Asuran Short Bow.png Dark Asuran Short Bow
Staff Dark Asuran Staff.png Dark Asuran Staff
Harpoon gun Dark Asuran Speargun.png Dark Asuran Speargun
Spear Dark Asuran Harpoon.png Dark Asuran Harpoon
Trident Dark Asuran Trident.png Dark Asuran Trident
Axe Molten Axe.png Molten Axe
Dagger Molten Dagger.png Molten Dagger
Mace Molten Mace.png Molten Mace
Pistol Molten Pistol.png Molten Pistol
Scepter Molten Scepter.png Molten Scepter
Sword Molten Sword.png Molten Sword
Focus Molten Focus.png Molten Focus
Warhorn Molten Warhorn.png Molten Warhorn
Torch Molten Torch.png Molten Torch
Shield Molten Shield.png Molten Shield
Greatsword Molten Greatsword.png Molten Greatsword
Hammer Molten Hammer.png Molten Hammer
Longbow Molten Longbow.png Molten Longbow
Rifle Molten Rifle.png Molten Rifle
Short bow Molten Short Bow.png Molten Short Bow
Staff Molten Staff.png Molten Staff
Harpoon gun Molten Speargun.png Molten Speargun
Spear Molten Harpoon.png Molten Harpoon
Trident Molten Trident.png Molten Trident
Axe Kodan Axe.png Kodan Axe
Dagger Kodan Dagger.png Kodan Dagger
Mace Kodan Mace.png Kodan Mace
Pistol Kodan Pistol.png Kodan Pistol
Scepter Kodan Scepter.png Kodan Scepter
Sword Kodan Sword.png Kodan Sword
Focus Kodan Focus.png Kodan Focus
Warhorn Kodan Warhorn.png Kodan Warhorn
Torch Kodan Torch.png Kodan Torch
Shield Kodan Shield.png Kodan Shield
Greatsword Kodan Greatsword.png Kodan Greatsword
Hammer Kodan Hammer.png Kodan Hammer
Longbow Kodan Longbow.png Kodan Longbow
Rifle Kodan Rifle.png Kodan Rifle
Short bow Kodan Short Bow.png Kodan Short Bow
Staff Kodan Staff.png Kodan Staff
Harpoon gun Kodan Speargun.png Kodan Speargun
Spear Kodan Harpoon.png Kodan Harpoon
Trident Kodan Trident.png Kodan Trident
Axe Inquest Axe.png Inquest Axe
Dagger Inquest Dagger.png Inquest Dagger
Mace Inquest Mace.png Inquest Mace
Pistol Inquest Pistol.png Inquest Pistol
Scepter Inquest Scepter.png Inquest Scepter
Sword Inquest Sword.png Inquest Sword
Focus Inquest Focus.png Inquest Focus
Warhorn Inquest Warhorn.png Inquest Warhorn
Torch Inquest Torch.png Inquest Torch
Shield Inquest Shield.png Inquest Shield
Greatsword Inquest Greatsword.png Inquest Greatsword
Hammer Inquest Hammer.png Inquest Hammer
Longbow Inquest Longbow.png Inquest Longbow
Rifle Inquest Rifle.png Inquest Rifle
Short bow Inquest Short Bow.png Inquest Short Bow
Staff Inquest Staff.png Inquest Staff
Harpoon gun Inquest Speargun.png Inquest Speargun
Spear Inquest Harpoon.png Inquest Harpoon
Trident Inquest Trident.png Inquest Trident
Axe Axe of the Dragon's Deep.png Axe of the Dragon's Deep
Dagger Dagger of the Dragon's Deep.png Dagger of the Dragon's Deep
Mace Mace of the Dragon's Deep.png Mace of the Dragon's Deep
Pistol Pistol of the Dragon's Deep.png Pistol of the Dragon's Deep
Scepter Scepter of the Dragon's Deep.png Scepter of the Dragon's Deep
Sword Sword of the Dragon's Deep.png Sword of the Dragon's Deep
Focus Focus of the Dragon's Deep.png Focus of the Dragon's Deep
Warhorn Warhorn of the Dragon's Deep.png Warhorn of the Dragon's Deep
Torch Torch of the Dragon's Deep.png Torch of the Dragon's Deep
Shield Shield of the Dragon's Deep.png Shield of the Dragon's Deep
Greatsword Greatsword of the Dragon's Deep.png Greatsword of the Dragon's Deep
Hammer Hammer of the Dragon's Deep.png Hammer of the Dragon's Deep
Longbow Longbow of the Dragon's Deep.png Longbow of the Dragon's Deep
Rifle Rifle of the Dragon's Deep.png Rifle of the Dragon's Deep
Short bow Short Bow of the Dragon's Deep.png Short Bow of the Dragon's Deep
Staff Staff of the Dragon's Deep.png Staff of the Dragon's Deep
Harpoon gun Rifle of the Dragon's Deep.png Speargun of the Dragon's Deep
Spear Harpoon of the Dragon's Deep.png Harpoon of the Dragon's Deep
Trident Staff of the Dragon's Deep.png Trident of the Dragon's Deep
Axe Nightmare Axe.png Deathcamas
Dagger Nightmare Dagger.png Crying Thorn
Mace Monkshood.png Monkshood
Pistol Bloodlily.png Bloodlily
Scepter Snakeroot.png Snakeroot
Sword Ilex.png Ilex
Focus Nightmare Focus.png Fellsprout
Warhorn Hemlock.png Hemlock
Torch Haunting Cap.png Haunting Cap
Shield Shadewort.png Shadewort
Greatsword Nightmare Greatsword.png Belladonna
Hammer Henbane.png Henbane
Longbow Nightmare Longbow.png Graveyard Bloom
Rifle Bloodroot.png Bloodroot
Short bow Nightmare Short Bow.png Wolfsbane
Staff Xanthium.png Xanthium


Type Light armor Medium armor Heavy armor
Headgear Ascalonian Performer Mask.png Ascalonian Performer Mask Ascalonian Sentry Hat.png Ascalonian Sentry Hat Ascalonian Protector Helm.png Ascalonian Protector Helm
Shoulders Ascalonian Performer Mantle.png Ascalonian Performer Mantle Ascalonian Sentry Shoulderguards.png Ascalonian Sentry Shoulderguards Ascalonian Protector Pauldrons.png Ascalonian Protector Pauldrons
Chest Ascalonian Performer Vestments.png Ascalonian Performer Vestments Ascalonian Sentry Chestguard.png Ascalonian Sentry Chestguard Ascalonian Protector Breastplate.png Ascalonian Protector Breastplate
Gloves Ascalonian Performer Gloves.png Ascalonian Performer Gloves Ascalonian Sentry Gloves.png Ascalonian Sentry Gloves Ascalonian Protector Gauntlets.png Ascalonian Protector Gauntlets
Leggings Ascalonian Performer Pants.png Ascalonian Performer Pants Ascalonian Sentry Leggings.png Ascalonian Sentry Leggings Ascalonian Protector Legguards.png Ascalonian Protector Legguards
Boots Ascalonian Performer Shoes.png Ascalonian Performer Shoes Ascalonian Sentry Boots.png Ascalonian Sentry Boots Ascalonian Protector Greaves.png Ascalonian Protector Greaves
Headgear Council Ministry Circlet.png Council Ministry Circlet Council Watch Faceguard.png Council Watch Faceguard Council Guard Helm.png Council Guard Helm
Shoulders Council Ministry Mantle.png Council Ministry Mantle Council Watch Shoulderguards.png Council Watch Shoulderguards Council Guard Pauldrons.png Council Guard Pauldrons
Chest Council Ministry Vestments.png Council Ministry Vestments Council Watch Chestguard.png Council Watch Chestguard Council Guard Breastplate.png Council Guard Breastplate
Gloves Council Ministry Gloves.png Council Ministry Gloves Council Watch Gloves.png Council Watch Gloves Council Guard Gauntlets.png Council Guard Gauntlets
Leggings Council Ministry Hose.png Council Ministry Hose Council Watch Leggings.png Council Watch Leggings Council Guard Legguards.png Council Guard Legguards
Boots Council Ministry Shoes.png Council Ministry Shoes Council Watch Boots.png Council Watch Boots Council Guard Greaves.png Council Guard Greaves
Headgear Nightmare Court Regalia.png Nightmare Court Regalia Nightmare Court Faceguard.png Nightmare Court Faceguard Nightmare Court Helmet.png Nightmare Court Helmet
Shoulders Nightmare Court Mantle.png Nightmare Court Mantle Nightmare Court Collar.png Nightmare Court Collar Nightmare Court Pauldrons.png Nightmare Court Pauldrons
Chest Nightmare Court Robes.png Nightmare Court Robes Nightmare Court Guise.png Nightmare Court Guise Nightmare Court Breastplate.png Nightmare Court Breastplate
Gloves Nightmare Court Gloves.png Nightmare Court Gloves Nightmare Court Armguards.png Nightmare Court Armguards Nightmare Court Gauntlets.png Nightmare Court Gauntlets
Leggings Nightmare Court Sarong.png Nightmare Court Sarong Nightmare Court Leggings.png Nightmare Court Leggings Nightmare Court Legguards.png Nightmare Court Legguards
Boots Nightmare Court Footwraps.png Nightmare Court Footwraps Nightmare Court Boots.png Nightmare Court Boots Nightmare Court Greaves.png Nightmare Court Greaves
Headgear Forgeman Mask.png Forgeman Mask Forgeman Headguard.png Forgeman Headguard Forgeman Helmet.png Forgeman Helmet
Shoulders Forgeman Mantle.png Forgeman Mantle Forgeman Shoulders.png Forgeman Shoulders Forgeman Pauldrons.png Forgeman Pauldrons
Chest Forgeman Raiment.png Forgeman Raiment Forgeman Jacket.png Forgeman Jacket Forgeman Breastplate.png Forgeman Breastplate
Gloves Forgeman Wristguards.png Forgeman Wristguards Forgeman Gloves.png Forgeman Gloves Forgeman Gauntlets.png Forgeman Gauntlets
Leggings Forgeman Leggings.png Forgeman Leggings Forgeman Breeches.png Forgeman Breeches Forgeman Tassets.png Forgeman Tassets
Boots Forgeman Shoes.png Forgeman Shoes Forgeman Boots.png Forgeman Boots Forgeman Greaves.png Forgeman Greaves
Headgear Flame Legion Mask.png Flame Legion Mask Flame Legion Helm (medium).png Flame Legion Helm Flame Legion Helm (heavy).png Flame Legion Helm
Shoulders Flame Legion Epaulets.png Flame Legion Epaulets Flame Legion Shoulders.png Flame Legion Shoulders Flame Legion Pauldrons.png Flame Legion Pauldrons
Chest Flame Legion Vestments.png Flame Legion Vestments Flame Legion Coat.png Flame Legion Coat Flame Legion Breastplate.png Flame Legion Breastplate
Gloves Flame Legion Wraps.png Flame Legion Wraps Flame Legion Gloves.png Flame Legion Gloves Flame Legion Gauntlets.png Flame Legion Gauntlets
Leggings Flame Legion Pants.png Flame Legion Pants Flame Legion Leggings.png Flame Legion Leggings Flame Legion Legguards.png Flame Legion Legguards
Boots Flame Legion Shoes.png Flame Legion Shoes Flame Legion Boots.png Flame Legion Boots Flame Legion Greaves.png Flame Legion Greaves
Headgear Mind of Koda.png Mind of Koda Visage of Koda.png Visage of Koda Head of Koda.png Head of Koda
Shoulders Mantle of Koda.png Mantle of Koda Duty of Koda.png Duty of Koda Burden of Koda.png Burden of Koda
Chest Soul of Koda.png Soul of Koda Heart of Koda.png Heart of Koda Brawn of Koda.png Brawn of Koda
Gloves Arms of Koda.png Arms of Koda Force of Koda.png Force of Koda Claws of Koda.png Claws of Koda
Leggings Way of Koda.png Way of Koda Stride of Koda.png Stride of Koda Body of Koda.png Body of Koda
Boots Path of Koda.png Path of Koda Tracks of Koda.png Tracks of Koda Paws of Koda.png Paws of Koda
Headgear Inquest Circlets.png Inquest Circlets Inquest Hood.png Inquest Hood Inquest Helm.png Inquest Helm
Shoulders Inquest Mantle.png Inquest Mantle Inquest Shoulders.png Inquest Shoulders Inquest Pauldrons.png Inquest Pauldrons
Chest Inquest Vest.png Inquest Vest Inquest Guise.png Inquest Guise Inquest Breastplate.png Inquest Breastplate
Gloves Inquest Wraps.png Inquest Wraps Inquest Bracers.png Inquest Bracers Inquest Gauntlets.png Inquest Gauntlets
Leggings Inquest Breeches.png Inquest Breeches Inquest Leggings.png Inquest Leggings Inquest Legguards.png Inquest Legguards
Boots Inquest Shoes.png Inquest Shoes Inquest Boots.png Inquest Boots Inquest Greaves.png Inquest Greaves
Headgear Gaze of the Lich.png Gaze of the Lich Accursed Visage.png Accursed Visage Grasping Dead Visage.png Grasping Dead Visage
Shoulders Mantle of the Lich.png Mantle of the Lich Accursed Shoulders.png Accursed Shoulders Grasping Dead Pauldrons.png Grasping Dead Pauldrons
Chest Vestments of the Lich.png Vestments of the Lich Accursed Guise.png Accursed Guise Grasping Dead Breastplate.png Grasping Dead Breastplate
Gloves Wrappings of the Lich.png Wrappings of the Lich Accursed Vambraces.png Accursed Vambraces Grasping Dead Gauntlets.png Grasping Dead Gauntlets
Leggings Trappings of the Lich.png Trappings of the Lich Accursed Leggings.png Accursed Leggings Grasping Dead Legguards.png Grasping Dead Legguards
Boots Walkers of the Lich.png Walkers of the Lich Accursed Treads.png Accursed Treads Grasping Dead Greaves.png Grasping Dead Greaves