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Shadows Creep

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Shadows Creep is an achievement awarded for witnessing one of several twisted happenings which occur throughout Bjora Marches.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Shadows Creep Shadow in the Ice 1Achievement points
Witness the twisted happenings within West Bjora Marches.You saw something in West Bjora Marches, though you're not sure what... Witnessed the Twisted Happenings within West Bjora Marches 1Achievement points


The Talking Dead[edit]

A Strange Kodan is standing still and talking to herself, at the crossroad between Boreal Pass, Fallen Ruins and Eaglewatch Rise. If you approach her, she falls and dies. If you interact with the corpse, you learn this kodan has been dead for a few days at least.

Standing near the Strange Kodan
Strange Kodan: Stay back! It speaks to me, and me alone!
Strange Kodan: What? No! NO! I wasn't done! They had so much left to say!
Interacting with her corpse
Corpse: She's been dead for quite some time.

Drakkar's Dream[edit]

The occurrence at Still Waters Speaking.

Arriving at Still Waters Speaking, you find everyone there dead. The "Whispers" screen effect appears and eerie music plays, until suddenly everything is seemingly normal again.

Fallen Kodan Berserker: All will come to an end...

Grotto Stay and Listen[edit]

The occurrence at the grotto.

A Strange Kodan stands entranced before a small Idol of Jormag, at the Whisperwind Grotto, surrounded by a ring of dead and frozen kodan (as if they had sat there listening to the whispers until they died). If you approach him, he will talk about how the whispers say your voice is not your own, and that the whispers tell him to stay.

Standing near the Strange Kodan
Strange Kodan: I would never think of leaving. Why would you say that? We are friends, and friends do not abandon each other.
Strange Kodan: No. No. You speak in riddles. Rhymes with no meter. Your voice is the air, I breathe it to live.
Strange Kodan: The others, they heard the whispers but they did not listen. They tried - they tried so hard. But time ran out.
Strange Kodan: There is peace in the ice. The quiet of the snow. The only voice I hear is the one in me.
Talking to the Strange Kodan
Strange Kodan: Your believe it is still yours. But the whispers say otherwise. The whispers tell me to stay.
After destroying the idol
Strange Kodan: Your voice is different from the others. How long have I been here?
Strange Kodan: Koda... My brothers and sisters... The words held us. The whispers. I nearly joined them.
Strange Kodan: I must return to the village and speak with a shaman. My brethren deserve the proper rites. Thank you.

The Writing's on the Wall[edit]

The occurrence at Kodan Shipwreck.

A message is carved under the Kodan Shipwreck by a Strange Kodan. You can read the Curious Carving after he finishes.

When approached
Strange Kodan: Please, don't look until I've finished.
If you get close before carving is done
Strange Kodan: NOT YET!
Once he has finished carving
Strange Kodan: There. It is done. (Curious Carving appears)
Strange Kodan: Do you like it? I think it is my best work.
Strange Kodan: Why do you look at me that way? Is something wrong?
Strange Kodan: The words came to me on the wind. Whisper-quiet, but impossible to ignore.

Our Precious[edit]

Text from the book.

A circle of kodan stand outside the Cavern of Lost Sons. In front of them is a "precious" book that they try to persuade you to read it. While reading the book, they disappear in a flash of light.

Logger: Would you like to read our book?
Logger: I think you would like our book.
Ice Fisher: Please read to us. I cannot see.
Ice Fisher: The book is all we have left. Take it, please.
Kodan Guard: Is somebody there? Please, read the book.
Kodan Guard: Please, take this book. Take it far away from here.
Interacting with the book
Shadows Creep

The words whisper to us.
The wind takes us.
Now the words whisper to you.
And the wind will take you.
It will consume you.
As it consumed us.

Talking to the kodan
Kodan Guard: I think you would like our book.

The Kodan Leap[edit]

A Strange Kodan jumps off a cliff to his death, around Kodan's Leap. This occurrence does not award the achievement.

Beary the Chopper[edit]


A Kodan logger can be found south of the spike north of Shrine of the Vigilant Eagle with the bodies of several people around him. As you speak to him, the bodies turn into trees. He carries two dirty cleavers.

Talking to Quiet Logger
Quiet Logger: Cut them. Cut them all down.