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Transfer Chaser is a hidden achievement for talking to Seis Burntheart and for finding five sensors in different locations. Completing any one of the tasks reveals the achievement.


This is a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Transfer Chaser Transfer Chaser Central Tyria mastery point 10Achievement points
Complete each task to track a disturbance in magic's flow.
Reward: Veteran Destroyer Loot Box.pngDestroyer Weapon Crate

Objectives: 6 objectives in total
1 Task Complete 1Achievement points
6 Tasks Complete 9Achievement points


For the first task, speak to Seis Burntheart until you complete the Disturbance in the Depths achievement. For the remaining 5 tasks, talk to the Elemental Sprite found at Seis Burntheart's previous locations to initiate the search. Historically, while Seis was in one of the 5 maps, talking to her again initiated the search.

You will get the Sensor Tracking skill used to find Magical Sensors throughout the area. You have 30 minutes to do so, and the locations of the sensor are randomized. Using your special action skill will create markers on the ground that indicate how far away the sensors are.

The 3 different markers. From left-to-right: blue, green, red.

Red indicates that the sensor is far, blue means closer, and a green sign indicates that the sensor is very close to your current location. The number of lines in the marker also indicates the distance (red has three lines in a 'Y' shape, blue has two lines, green has one.) The position of the markers also indicates the direction the sensors are located in. Interacting with all five sensors will complete the corresponding map location for the achievement.

The first location was in Frostgorge Sound in the northeastern fort; every five days afterwards Seis moved to the next location of the search. For the second location, Seis moved to the northeastern fort in Snowden Drifts. For the third location, she moved to the fort at Nentor's Consolidated Mine in Lornar's Pass. For the fourth location, she moved to the northeastern fort in Bloodtide Coast. Her final location was at Pearl Islet in Southsun Cove.

You do not have to follow all 5 initial marks simultaneously. For example, just follow one red indicator in the direction that it is pointing and eventually it will change to blue. Once blue, just continue in the same direction that it spawns on your screen until it becomes green, then follow the same direction again until you can see the small pulsating yellow-green orb circle.


  • You must find 5 per map, within 30 minutes per map. A total of 25 all up
  • When tracking a "red" marker, jump to a waypoint some little distance away in the direction of the marker. It will often get you close to the "blue" or even "green" markers.
  • An Elemental Sprite can be found at Seis's previous locations in order for people to complete earlier steps. The locations are as follows:
    • Frostgorge Sound: Point of interest (map icon).png Elder's Vale - North of the point of interest.
    • Snowden Drifts: Waypoint (map icon).png Highpass Haven Waypoint - Inside Highpass Haven.
    • Lornar's Pass: Point of interest (map icon).png Nentor's Consolidated Mine - Inside the fort.
    • Bloodtide Coast: Waypoint (map icon).png Marshwatch Haven Waypoint - Inside Marshwatch Haven.
    • Southsun Cove: Waypoint (map icon).png Pearl Islet Waypoint - South of the waypoint, on the platform overhanging the beach bar.