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Treasure Hunting Kit

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Treasure Hunting Kit

Item type
Account Bound
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Treasure Hunting Kit map.jpg

When consumed, the world map indicates the approximate location of the treasure with a light blue ring with a dashed outline.

Double-click to consume and activate a Scan special-action skill and a blue map circle to help find Buried Treasure. Consumed upon interacting with Buried Treasure.
Elonians and Tyrians both seek historic artifacts.

— In-game description


Gathered from[edit]

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Priory Historian Elisa Priory Historian Elisa  
Elon Riverlands
The Desolation
Domain of Vabbi
Desert Highlands
Crystal Oasis
Ley-Infused Sand + 77 Karma

Contained in[edit]

Rewarded by[edit]


  • Dropped by bounty champions and legendaries.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Scan (Treasure Hunting Kit).png Scan 4 Scan the area for buried treasure. Red: more than 15,000. Yellow: more than 5,000. Green: less than 5,000.


  • When used outside of the Crystal Desert, the message "Item can only be used in the Crystal Desert." will appear in chat.
  • Scan (Treasure Hunting Kit).png Scan will mark an area on your map with a blue circle. The chest is located in, or close to the border of that area. Upon using the special action skill you will see a colored orb moving in the direction of the chest. Red = far, Yellow = closer, Green = very close.
  • Every 2 hours, on the odd UTC hour, during the 20 minutes long " The Search for Buried Treasure " event in Desert Highlands these kits lead to Superior Buried Treasure.
  • You can reset the location the kit gives you by logging out to the character selection screen, then logging back again. This is useful during the 20 minutes event when the kit would make you waste time by navigating an area full of enemies.
  • If you try to open a buried treasure that was located by someone else, it will work, if you have a kit yourself. However, it will expend one of your Kits.
  • The special skill is on a timer. It will disappear if not used within a certain amount of time.