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Infiltrate and sabotage operations in the Jade Brotherhood headquarters

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Infiltrate and sabotage operations in the Jade Brotherhood headquarters

Brotherhood Woodlands
(The Echovald Wilds)
Renown NPC
Kestrel Michiko
You helped disrupt the Jade Brotherhood's operations in Echovald.
3 Silver coin 38 Copper coin
675 Karma
20,320 Experience.png

Interactive map

Disrupt the Jade Brotherhood's operations by hacking machines, causing chaos, setting listening devices, collecting hazardous samples, and beating up anyone who challenges you.

— Heart objective

Infiltrate and sabotage operations in the Jade Brotherhood headquarters is a renown heart in Brotherhood Woodlands, The Echovald Wilds. Completion of this heart is part of the optional quest chain for the story instance To Catch a Spider.


This heart requires you to speak to Kestrel Michiko to put on a disguise (feminine, masculine, or neither), which applies the Lyssa's Guise (Ryland).png Disguised and Suspicious.png Suspicious effects. If you do something suspicious in the sight lines of Jade Brotherhood Guards, the Suspicious.png Suspicious effect will be replaced with the Suspicious.png Suspicion Level effect. You must monitor the progression of the Suspicious.png Suspicion Level effect, as each suspicious action that is seen will add 10 stacks of suspicion per guard that saw it (e.g. picking up Technician's Supplies within sight of three guards will give 30 stacks of suspicion, however picking it up in front of one will only give 10 stacks). Reaching 100 stacks of suspicion will have you removed from the camp, but you can simply speak to Kestrel Michiko to reapply the disguise.

If a guard's icon changes from Awakened suspicious (Forearmed Is Forewarned).png to Awakened stunned (Forearmed Is Forewarned).png, the guard is not looking and will not see an action completed before they resume looking.

If you are holding an item that can be used with an object, an icon will appear above the objects you can use it on (e.g. if you are holding a bucket of water from interacting with Water Supply, an icon will appear above Bonfires to indicate you can douse them with it). Once used, a clock icon may appear above the object that was interacted with and it cannot be interacted with again for a short period of time.

Contributing actions[edit]

Reducing suspicion[edit]

  • Talking to Chul-Moo or his personal assistant Marii, and choosing the correct dialogue option will reduce 5 stacks of suspicion. Choosing an incorrect option will increase it by 5 stacks.
  • Collecting samples of Polluted Goop will decrease suspicion with diminishing returns. The first sample collected will reduce 5 stacks of suspicion, then 4 stacks the second time, and 2 stacks each time after that.
  • Each of the below methods removes 50 stacks of suspicion, but can only be used once every ten minutes.

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

Operation a Complete Success

I've been getting congratulations all around for how upended the Jade Brotherhood's operations have been lately. I'm making sure every one of the Kestrels knows you're the one to thank for it. Echovald appreciates your efforts.

Kestrel Michiko

You get:
3 Silver coin 38 Copper coin 675 Karma 20,320 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Kestrel Michiko

Related achievements[edit]

  • The Echovald Wilds.png The Echovald Wilds: Saboteur in Our MidstWithout being caught or leaving the area, sabotage the Jade Brotherhood Headquarters, taking the renown heart from completely empty to completely full. (1Achievement points)
    • Complete the heart without raising your Suspicion Level to 100%.


  • Going under disguise is also required for map completion, giving you access to the vista in this area, and the Mi-Shen's Lab point of interest. To access the Mi-Shen's Lab point of interest, use a Jade Bot Dispenser (the closest is at the top of the stairs). Using your Jade Bot, fly it towards the Laboratory Intake Vent, which is located just above the door. You can also interact with the vista using the Jade Bot.