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Cultures of Echovald: The Kurzicks

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Cultures of Echovald: The Kurzicks is a The Echovald Wilds achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Cultures of Echovald: The Kurzicks The Echovald Wilds 3Achievement points
Participate in all the events related to Kurzick culture.
  • Tier
1: Writ of Echovald Wilds.png Writ of Echovald Wilds
  • Tier
2: Canthan Backpack.png Canthan Backpack

  • Assist archaeologists in extracting Kurzick relics from their magical wards.
  • Stop the Speakers from stealing Kurzick relics.
  • Defeat the Speakers harvesting souls in the zu Heltzer cemetery.
  • Prevent gang poachers from claiming the corrupted moa.
  • Defeat the corrupted moa currently terrorizing people near the zu Heltzer ruins.
  • Help Jan Lutgardis cleanse the Lutgardis ruins with their ancestral songs.
  • Neutralize the haywire Gods' Vengeance.
  • Gather the needed sap to restore what might be the final Forever Tree.
  • Protect the sylvari trying to restore the final Forever Tree.
3 Events Successful 1Achievement points
9 Events Successful 2Achievement points


Objective Notes