Stonecleaver's weapons

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Stonecleaver's weapons

Stonecleaver's weapons are an ascended weapon set and uses the Crimson Antique weapons skins.

All weapons in this set are created from a  Stonecleaver's Valkyrie Inscription.png Stonecleaver's Valkyrie Inscription and therefore have Valkyrie stats.


Contained in[edit]


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Crimson Antique Reaver.png Stonecleaver's Reaver Axe
Crimson Antique Razor.png Stonecleaver's Razor Dagger
Crimson Antique Flanged Mace.png Stonecleaver's Flanged Mace Mace
Crimson Antique Revolver.png Stonecleaver's Revolver Pistol
Crimson Antique Wand.png Stonecleaver's Wand Scepter
Crimson Antique Blade.png Stonecleaver's Blade Sword
Off hand
Crimson Antique Artifact.png Stonecleaver's Artifact Focus
Crimson Antique Bastion.png Stonecleaver's Bastion Shield
Crimson Antique Brazier.png Stonecleaver's Brazier Torch
Crimson Antique Herald.png Stonecleaver's Herald Warhorn
Crimson Antique Claymore.png Stonecleaver's Claymore Greatsword
Crimson Antique Warhammer.png Stonecleaver's Warhammer Hammer
Crimson Antique Greatbow.png Stonecleaver's Greatbow Longbow
Crimson Antique Musket.png Stonecleaver's Musket Rifle
Crimson Antique Short Bow.png Stonecleaver's Short Bow Short bow
Crimson Antique Spire.png Stonecleaver's Spire Staff
Crimson Antique Harpoon Gun.png Stonecleaver's Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Crimson Antique Impaler.png Stonecleaver's Impaler Spear
Crimson Antique Trident.png Stonecleaver's Trident Trident