Quickening Screech

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the bird pet skill. For the beastmode skill, see Quickening Screech (soulbeast).

Quickening Screech.png

Quickening Screech

0.75¾ Activation time  20 Recharge time  

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Grant swiftness to nearby allies.

 Swiftness.png Swiftness (10s): 33% Movement Speed
 Number of targets.png Number of Targets: 5
 Radius.png Radius: 480

— In-game description [?]


Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
May 08, 2018
  • Fixed a tooltip error that displayed a range instead of the proper 480 radius.
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Quickening Screech has been added to the game.