Modniir weapons

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Modniir weapons

Concept art by Brian Lawver.

Modniir weapons are fine and masterwork weapons available for Karmakarma from Forward Scout Greta in Harathi Hinterlands. They are made available after completing "Help Forward Scout Greta cause chaos in the Modniir homeland" near Cloven Hoof Waypoint

They cost between 280 and 840 karma and require level 43 to use. They are the only weapons below level 50 with three stats.

These items share their appearance with various weapons from heart vendors in Kryta, as well as Tribal weapons (PvP).


Item Type Skin link
Main hand
Modniir Eviscerator.pngModniir Eviscerator Axe
Modniir Carver.pngModniir Carver Dagger
Modniir Punisher.pngModniir Punisher Mace
Modniir Revolver.pngModniir Revolver Pistol
Modniir Baton.pngModniir Baton Scepter
Modniir Saber.pngModniir Saber Sword
Off hand
Modniir Effigy.pngModniir Effigy Focus
Modniir Ward.pngModniir Ward Shield
Modniir Wartorch.pngModniir Wartorch Torch
Modniir Harbinger.pngModniir Harbinger Warhorn
Modniir Sunderer.pngModniir Sunderer Greatsword
Modniir Pulverizer.pngModniir Pulverizer Hammer
Modniir Flatbow.pngModniir Flatbow Longbow
Modniir Boomstick.pngModniir Boomstick Rifle
Modniir Stinger.pngModniir Stinger Short bow
Modniir Quarterstaff.pngModniir Quarterstaff Staff
Modniir Boomstick.pngModniir Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Modniir Quarterstaff.pngModniir Impaler Spear
Modniir Quarterstaff.pngModniir Trident Trident