Pouch of Yellow Pigment

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Pouch of Yellow Pigment.png

Pouch of Yellow Pigment

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Basic material
Mat. storage
Basic Crafting Materials
Disciplines used by
Artificer tango icon 20px.png 400
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png 400
Scribe tango icon 20px.png 100
Copper coin
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Pouch of Yellow Pigment is a crafting material.


Gathered from[edit]

Salvaged from[edit]

Used in[edit]

Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Jar of Yellow Paint.png Jar of Yellow Paint
(Learned from: Recipe: Jar of Yellow Paint)
Exotic 400

Huntsman tango icon 20px.png Huntsman

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Colored Paper.png Colored Paper
(Learned from: Recipe: Confetti Pouch)
Exotic 400

Scribe tango icon 20px.png Scribe

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Super Happy Cloud.png Super Happy Cloud Basic 100
Yellow Balloon.png Yellow Balloon Basic 125
Fine Ink Set.png Fine Ink Set Fine 150
Lattice Planter with Loosestrife.png Lattice Planter with Loosestrife Basic 250
Yellow Cushion.png Yellow Cushion Basic 325

Currency for[edit]

Item Level Vendor Area Zone Cost Notes
Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Yellow).png Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Yellow) Charity Corps Seraph (Wintersday Rewards) Charity Corps Seraph The Crown Pavilion Divinity's Reach Snow Diamond + 100 Pouch of Yellow Pigment Requires the festival Wintersday and the item Enchanted Colorful Snowball.