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Mysteries of the Night Sky

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Mysteries of the Night Sky

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Library Detective
Account Bound
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Checked out by Junior Astrologist Hamia. Last seen in the Plains of Jarin.

— In-game description



For generations, Istan has drawn stargazers from all corners of the world to marvel at its unique and awe-inspiring astronomical phenomena.

Home to the world-renowned Astralarium, as well as some of the finest natural vantage points for Tyria's most vibrant meteor showers, this island nations has quickly become the go-to travel destination for any astronomy aficionado.

With this comprehensive guidebook, we'll teach you how to turn your sights to the stars and appreciate the splendor of the night sky without the expensive equipment the experts use. Even if you've never looked through a telescope, this book will get you started on your journey to map the stars and chart the heavens!