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The Battle of Sorrow's Furnace

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The Battle of Sorrow's Furnace.png

The Battle of Sorrow's Furnace

Item type
Daybreak.png Library Detective
Account Bound
Game link

Checked out by Farir. Last seen in Champion's Dawn.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Only after finding it in the above location.

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Librarian The Astralarium Domain of Istan 420 Karma


The Battle of Sorrow's Furnace

For generations, the dredge were a race enslaved, driven to serve the tyrannical Stone Summit in their never-ending lust for wealth and power. While many across Tyria desired to see these poor souls freed from their burden, none had the courage to act. Until now.

Follow our beloved and revered savior, Palawa Joko, as he continues his grand work throughout this broken world, bringing order from turmoil and freedom to those oppressed!

Read in awe as he singlehandedly battles the mechanical monstrosity known as the Iron Forgeman, humiliating the cowardly Stone Summit once and for all.

Will Joko succeed? Could the great and eternal Palawa Joko fail? To write as such would be blasphemy, but one can never know the truth without reading this fascinating tale!