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Awakening of the Heart

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Awakening of the Heart.png

Awakening of the Heart

Item type
Daybreak.png Library Detective
Account Bound
Game link

Checked out by Captain Sutekh. Last seen in the Great Hall.

— In-game description


Interacting with the Well-Worn Book in the Warden's Quarters inside the Mordant Crescent Great Hall.

Sold by[edit]

Only after finding it in the above location.

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Librarian The Astralarium Domain of Istan 420 Karma


Awakening of the Heart

She was an elite soldier in the Mordant Crescent, brought back from the dead to serve the great Palawa Joko, but the only thing that was Awakened in her was her heart.

He was a simple mummy, adorned in rotting bandages that held him together, but in truth, he was coming to pieces inside.

Together, they found a relationship that defied death itself, and began an adventure that would shake the foundations of the Bone Palace itself as they sought to answer a simple question: Can love endure after a heart stops beating?


  • The title in the book interface is 'Awakened to Passion', rather than the name of the item.