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The Great Joko, Hero of Tyria

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The Great Joko, Hero of Tyria

Item type
Library Detective
Account Bound
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Checked out by Brother Asiim. Last seen in the Temple of Joko in Palawadan.

— In-game description

The Great Joko, Hero of Tyria is a gizmo. Finding it advances the Library Detective achievement.


  • Interacting with a Dusty Book found in a nook on the level beneath the top floor in northwest section of the Temple of Joko.


Ascalon is a scorched wasteland.

Orr decays at the bottom of the sea.

Kryta suffers under the yoke of fanatical murderers.

Tyria needs a hero, but who could think to rise above such chaos? Who wields the power to overcome such incredible odds? A hero once spoken of in the storied Flameseeker Prophecies was destined to purge this cancerous growth. What was that hero's name?

Palawa Joko.

Join our wise and illustrious leader as he single-handedly drives back the savage charr horde, marches across the Shiverpeaks without a single break in his stride, and saves all of Tyria from generations of traitors and false heroes!