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Everyone's a Corsair: A Guidebook

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Everyone's a Corsair- A Guidebook.png

Everyone's a Corsair: A Guidebook

Item type
Daybreak.png Library Detective
Account Bound
Game link

Checked out by Captain Barud. Last seen in the Corsair Flotilla.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Only after finding it in the above location.

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Librarian The Astralarium Domain of Istan 420 Karma


Everyone's a Corsair: A Guidebook

The sea beckons to us all, yet only handful of enterprising privateers have managed to turn it into a successful career. What separated these seafaring scalawags from an everyday landlubber like you?

With this book in your hands? NOTHING!

Even if you can't tie a knot to save your life, even if you think "port" is just a fancy wine, and even if the mere thought of standing on a boat makes you queasy, this step-by-step guide will give you the tools to transform yourself into a hardened corsair.

Learn the following vital skills to grow your sea legs:

The basics of swordplay, complete with gorgeously rendered illustrations.

Surviving on a desert island in the event of marooning.

Three valuable tricks to identifying suspect grog.

How to spot mutinous crew members.

And much, much more!