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Portrait of King Adelbern of Ascalon wearing his magical crown.

King is a title used for the human rulers of Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr in Central Tyria as well as for the Primeval Dynasty and the later lich king Palawa Joko in Elona. Queen, the female equivalent, may indicate a king's wife (queen consort), mother (queen dowager), or a woman who rules in her own right (queen regnant). Luxon tales mention the legendary Three Queens whom the Luxons had once revered as demigoddesses.[1] Fungi of the Heart of Maguuma also have powerful individuals titled king and queen.



All human royal lineage of Central Tyria is said to have originated from King Doric, the first known acknowledged ruler of the united Tyrian human tribes. His later years were full of turmoil, beginning with the rebellious actions of his son Mazdak the Accursed who had relinquished his claim for the throne to found his own kingdom in Kryta in defiance of the king,[2] as well as the greedy wars for magic which ravaged Tyria after Abaddon, one of the Six Human Gods, had gifted magic to various races. Doric eventually sought out the gods and pleaded for them to take back their gift to end the wars, leading to the gods spilling Doric's blood to sunder the original Bloodstone into five shards to both seal the world's available magic into them and separate the types of magic into each shard.[3][4] Doric's death led to division in the royal line and the eventual founding of the separate kingdoms of Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr.

The Imperial Family of Cantha and the Primeval Kings of Elona had existed long before Doric's reign, however. While Canthans began calling their rulers emperor since Kaineng Tah had united the Canthan tribes under his banner in 510 BE, the Primeval Dynasty used the titles of king and queen during their reign that lasted for over six centuries. Unlike Cantha where the title of "empress" was originally bestowed only through marriage and held little real power in the patriarchal Canthan society,[5] the Primeval Dynasty also had powerful queens as rulers in their own right such as Queen Nadijeh who founded a defense force that would eventually come to be known as the Order of the Sunspears as they secured peace for Elona for generations.[6]

Known kings and queens[edit]


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Central Tyria[edit]

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The fungi of the Heart of Maguuma have powerful individuals that are called king and queen. It is unknown how much influence these strong fungi exert over their lesser brethren; however, at least the queens are known to watch over and defend Newborn Mushrooms in their territory.

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