Holographic weapons

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Holographic weapons

The Holographic weapons is a set of weapons that was introduced with the June 25th, 2019 update.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Holographic Tooth.png Holographic Tooth Axe
Holographic Spark.png Holographic Spark Dagger
Holographic Energizer.png Holographic Energizer Mace
Holographic Chaos.png Holographic Chaos Pistol
Holographic Storm.png Holographic Storm Scepter
Holographic Zap.png Holographic Zap Sword
Off hand
Holographic Bard.png Holographic Bard Focus
Holographic Chosen.png Holographic Chosen Shield
Holographic Flame.png Holographic Flame Torch
Holographic Howl.png Holographic Howl Warhorn
Holographic Dawn.png Holographic Dawn Greatsword
Holographic Colossus.png Holographic Colossus Hammer
Holographic Leaf.png Holographic Leaf Longbow
Holographic Hunter.png Holographic Hunter Rifle
Holographic Lover.png Holographic Lover Short bow
Holographic Legend.png Holographic Legend Staff



  • These weapons are holographic versions of the first generation of precursor weapons. They have no special visual effects, except the Holographic Flame which has a blue flame.
  • The weapons do, however, sport custom sounds: a faint dull noise can be heard upon drawing and stowing the weapons occasionally.
  • Although there are 2 first generation greatsword legendaries, their precursors, Dawn and Dusk, share the exact same base model and are only different in particle effects. Since the Holographic weapons use a completely different set of particle effects, there is only one Holographic greatsword weapon, as a Holographic Dawn would look identical to a Holographic Dusk.
  • Earning all of the skins in this set will take several festivals (years):
    • Dragon Bash 2019 ran from June 25 to July 16, for a maximum of 22 ticks towards the Party Commander achievement, rewarding at most four (4) Dragon Bash Victory Coffers.

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