Superior Sigil of Blood

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Superior Sigil of Blood.png

Superior Sigil of Blood

Req. level
Standard, Research
Silver coin 16 Copper coin
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Double-click to apply to a weapon.

Steal a foe's health upon landing a critical hit.
(Cooldown: 5 Seconds)

— In-game description


Contained in[edit]


Superior Sigil of Blood
Recipe sheet superior sigil.pngRecipe: Sigil of Blood
Upgrade Component
Output qty.
Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png Huntsman
Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png Weaponsmith
Req. rating
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Extracted from[edit]


Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Gift of Twilight.png Gift of Twilight Legendary Mystic Forge 0


  • Deals the following:
Damage.png Life Siphon Damage: 451 (0.075)?
Healing.png Life Siphon Healing: 453 (0.1)?
  • For more information about Life Siphoning, refer to Life Steal.
  • The prices for weapons that contain this are as follows, though it may be more efficient to buy the sigil directly off the Trading Post instead:
Item Trading post
Buy Sell
Fine Axe.pngBerserker's Iron Axe of Blood
Iron Dagger.pngBerserker's Iron Dagger of Blood
Bronze Hammer.pngBerserker's Iron Hammer of Blood
Fine Mace.pngBerserker's Iron Mace of Blood
Fine Pistol.pngBerserker's Iron Pistol of Blood
Shield.pngBerserker's Iron Shield of Blood
Steel Spear.pngBerserker's Iron Spear of Blood
Soft Wood Torch.pngBerserker's Soft Wood Torch of Blood
Legionnaire Axe.pngCarrion Legionnaire Axe of Blood
Legionnaire Bayonet.pngCarrion Legionnaire Bayonet of Blood
Legionnaire Dagger.pngCarrion Legionnaire Dagger of Blood
Legionnaire Greatsword.pngCarrion Legionnaire Greatsword of Blood
Legionnaire Horn.pngCarrion Legionnaire Horn of Blood
Legionnaire Longbow.pngCarrion Legionnaire Longbow of Blood
Legionnaire Maul.pngCarrion Legionnaire Maul of Blood
Legionnaire Shield.pngCarrion Legionnaire Shield of Blood
Legionnaire Longbow.pngCarrion Legionnaire Short Bow of Blood
Legionnaire Spear.pngCarrion Legionnaire Spear of Blood
Legionnaire Speargun.pngCarrion Legionnaire Speargun of Blood
Legionnaire Sword.pngCarrion Legionnaire Sword of Blood
Legionnaire Symbol.pngCarrion Legionnaire Symbol of Blood
Legionnaire Virge.pngCarrion Legionnaire Virge of Blood
Tribal Axe.pngCarrion Tribal Axe of Blood
Tribal Bow.pngCarrion Tribal Bow of Blood
Tribal Dagger.pngCarrion Tribal Dagger of Blood
Tribal Focus.pngCarrion Tribal Focus of Blood
Tribal Greatsword.pngCarrion Tribal Greatsword of Blood
Tribal Mace.pngCarrion Tribal Mace of Blood
Tribal Pistol.pngCarrion Tribal Pistol of Blood
Tribal Rifle.pngCarrion Tribal Rifle of Blood
Tribal Scepter.pngCarrion Tribal Scepter of Blood
Tribal Shield.pngCarrion Tribal Shield of Blood
Tribal Short Bow.pngCarrion Tribal Short Bow of Blood
Tribal Spear.pngCarrion Tribal Spear of Blood
Tribal Speargun.pngCarrion Tribal Speargun of Blood
Tribal Staff.pngCarrion Tribal Staff of Blood
Tribal Sword.pngCarrion Tribal Sword of Blood
Tribal Torch.pngCarrion Tribal Torch of Blood
Tribal Trident.pngCarrion Tribal Trident of Blood
Tribal Warhammer.pngCarrion Tribal Warhammer of Blood
Tribal Warhorn.pngCarrion Tribal Warhorn of Blood
Fine Axe.pngCleric's Iron Axe of Blood
Iron Dagger.pngCleric's Iron Dagger of Blood
Fine Greatsword.pngCleric's Iron Greatsword of Blood
Ceremonial Stave.pngCoiler
Ceremonial Stave.pngCoiler (Account bound) (Account bound)
Ceremonial Bulwark.pngDire Ceremonial Bulwark of Blood
Ceremonial Dagger.pngDire Ceremonial Dagger of Blood
Ceremonial Focus.pngDire Ceremonial Focus of Blood
Ceremonial Hammer.pngDire Ceremonial Hammer of Blood
Ceremonial Longbow.pngDire Ceremonial Longbow of Blood
Ceremonial Morning Star.pngDire Ceremonial Morning Star of Blood
Ceremonial Pike.pngDire Ceremonial Pike of Blood
Ceremonial Pistol.pngDire Ceremonial Pistol of Blood
Ceremonial Rifle.pngDire Ceremonial Rifle of Blood
Ceremonial Sabre.pngDire Ceremonial Sabre of Blood
Ceremonial Scepter.pngDire Ceremonial Scepter of Blood
Ceremonial Scimitar.pngDire Ceremonial Scimitar of Blood
Ceremonial Short Bow.pngDire Ceremonial Short Bow of Blood
Ceremonial Rifle.pngDire Ceremonial Speargun of Blood
Ceremonial Stave.pngDire Ceremonial Stave of Blood
Ceremonial Torch.pngDire Ceremonial Torch of Blood
Ceremonial Stave.pngDire Ceremonial Trident of Blood
Ceremonial Warhorn.pngDire Ceremonial Warhorn of Blood
Ceremonial Winged Axe.pngDire Ceremonial Winged Axe of Blood
Orrian Axe.pngDire Orrian Axe of Blood
Orrian Bow.pngDire Orrian Bow of Blood
Orrian Dagger.pngDire Orrian Dagger of Blood
Orrian Focus.pngDire Orrian Focus of Blood
Orrian Longsword.pngDire Orrian Longsword of Blood
Orrian Mace.pngDire Orrian Mace of Blood
Orrian Pistol.pngDire Orrian Pistol of Blood
Orrian Rifle.pngDire Orrian Rifle of Blood
Orrian Sabre.pngDire Orrian Sabre of Blood
Orrian Scepter.pngDire Orrian Scepter of Blood
Orrian Shield.pngDire Orrian Shield of Blood
Orrian Short Bow.pngDire Orrian Short Bow of Blood
Orrian Smasher.pngDire Orrian Smasher of Blood
Orrian Spear.pngDire Orrian Spear of Blood
Orrian Speargun.pngDire Orrian Speargun of Blood
Orrian Staff.pngDire Orrian Staff of Blood
Orrian Torch.pngDire Orrian Torch of Blood
Orrian Trident.pngDire Orrian Trident of Blood
Orrian Warhorn.pngDire Orrian Warhorn of Blood
Eye of Rodgort.pngEye of Rodgort
Legionnaire Firebrand.pngLegionnaire Firebrand
Legionnaire Mace.pngLegionnaire Mace
Legionnaire Sidearm.pngLegionnaire Sidearm
Legionnaire Staff.pngLegionnaire Staff
Legionnaire Trident.pngLegionnaire Trident
Lidless Eye.pngLidless Eye
Mirage (weapon).pngMirage
Mystic Caller.pngMystic Caller
Mystic Cudgel.pngMystic Cudgel
Mystic Rifle.pngMystic Rifle
Mystic Speargun.pngMystic Speargun
Mystic Torch.pngMystic Torch
Mystic Trident.pngMystic Trident
Mystic Wand.pngMystic Wand
Crude Scepter.pngRampager's Soft Wood Scepter of Blood
Soft Wood Torch.pngRampager's Soft Wood Torch of Blood
Scarlet's Kiss.pngScarlet's Kiss
Scarlet's Rainbow.pngScarlet's Rainbow
Scepter of the Highborn.pngScepter of the Highborn
Etched Artifact.pngShaman's Etched Artifact of Blood
Etched Avenger.pngShaman's Etched Avenger of Blood
Etched Blade.pngShaman's Etched Blade of Blood
Etched Blaster.pngShaman's Etched Blaster of Blood
Etched Trident.pngShaman's Etched Branch of Blood
Etched Bulwark.pngShaman's Etched Bulwark of Blood
Etched Cudgel.pngShaman's Etched Cudgel of Blood
Etched Greatbow.pngShaman's Etched Greatbow of Blood
Etched Harbinger.pngShaman's Etched Harbinger of Blood
Etched Harpoon.pngShaman's Etched Harpoon of Blood
Etched Revolver.pngShaman's Etched Revolver of Blood
Etched Scepter.pngShaman's Etched Scepter of Blood
Etched Shard.pngShaman's Etched Shard of Blood
Etched Short Bow.pngShaman's Etched Short Bow of Blood
Etched Skeggox.pngShaman's Etched Skeggox of Blood
Etched Sledgehammer.pngShaman's Etched Sledgehammer of Blood
Etched Blaster.pngShaman's Etched Speargun of Blood
Etched Trident.pngShaman's Etched Trident of Blood
Etched Wartorch.pngShaman's Etched Wartorch of Blood
Shaman's Vision.pngShaman's Vision
The Fate of Menzies.pngThe Fate of Menzies
Unspoken Curse.pngUnspoken Curse