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Ancient Boreal weapon skins

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Ancient Boreal weapon skins

Ancient Boreal weapon skins are weapon skins introduced in Whisper in the Dark.

Unlocking all 16 skins awards the Ancient Weaponeer achievement.


Sold by[edit]

Contained in[edit]


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Ancient Boreal Axe.png Ancient Boreal Axe Skin Axe
Ancient Boreal Dagger.png Ancient Boreal Dagger Skin Dagger
Ancient Boreal Mace.png Ancient Boreal Mace Skin Mace
Ancient Boreal Pistol.png Ancient Boreal Pistol Skin Pistol
Ancient Boreal Scepter.png Ancient Boreal Scepter Skin Scepter
Ancient Boreal Sword.png Ancient Boreal Sword Skin Sword
Off hand
Ancient Boreal Focus.png Ancient Boreal Focus Skin Focus
Ancient Boreal Shield.png Ancient Boreal Shield Skin Shield
Ancient Boreal Torch.png Ancient Boreal Torch Skin Torch
Ancient Boreal Warhorn.png Ancient Boreal Warhorn Skin Warhorn
Ancient Boreal Greatsword.png Ancient Boreal Greatsword Skin Greatsword
Ancient Boreal Hammer.png Ancient Boreal Hammer Skin Hammer
Ancient Boreal Longbow.png Ancient Boreal Longbow Skin Longbow
Ancient Boreal Rifle.png Ancient Boreal Rifle Skin Rifle
Ancient Boreal Short Bow.png Ancient Boreal Short Bow Skin Short bow
Ancient Boreal Staff.png Ancient Boreal Staff Skin Staff


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