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Title Interface

Titles are rewards for completing various in-game objectives, for example completing personal storylines, certain achievements, and from the Hall of Monuments. All titles in Guild Wars 2 are purely cosmetic and offer no benefits other than showing them. Some titles such as Dungeon Master or Gladiator mark milestones as progress towards other achievements is unlocked. Titles are unlocked account-wide, but a different title can be selected for each character. If selected, a title will appear in white text under the name of the character whenever the name is visible. To show character names without selecting them press the "Targeting: Show [...] Names" keys (default Left Alt for allies and Left Ctrl for enemies and objects), or activate the corresponding "Show all [...] names" options in the General Options panel. The list of unlocked titles can be found left of Achievements window.

List of titles[edit]

See also: Achievement

In-game titles can be earned by completing certain achievement tracks.

Title Accomplishment
Achievement Points
Respected Achiever 5,000 Arenanet Points.png
Acclaimed Achiever 10,000 Arenanet Points.png
Heralded Achiever 15,000 Arenanet Points.png
Masterful Achiever 20,000 Arenanet Points.png
Illustrious Achiever 25,000 Arenanet Points.png
Wondrous Achiever 30,000 Arenanet Points.png
Exalted Achiever 35,000 Arenanet Points.png
Furious Achiever 40,000 Arenanet Points.png
Unstoppable Achiever 45,000 Arenanet Points.png
Ascended Achiever 50,000 Arenanet Points.png
Uncontrollable Achiever 60,000 Arenanet Points.png
Been There, Done That Achieve 100% map completion
Loyal Have a character reach 365 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Veteran Have a character reach 730 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Faithful Have a character reach 1,095 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Stalwart Have a character reach 1,460 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Devoted Have a character reach 1,825 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Steadfast Have a character reach 2,190 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Dedicated Have a character reach 2,555 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Commited Have a character reach 2,920 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Unwavering Have a character reach 3,285 days of age. Use /age to check the age of the character.
Honorary Skritt Collect 51 types of junk items.
Grand Artisan Collect 18 crafted ascended armor skins.
Exotic Hunter Unlock 34 exotic weapon skins from champion bags in your wardrobe.
Acolyte of Dwayna Prove your piety by collecting all the vestments of Dwayna.
Dungeoneer Collect the ascended accessories from each dungeon.
Light in the Darkness Unlock all 18 luminescent armor skins in your wardrobe.
Miniature Collector Obtained upon collection of 54 Miniatures.
Professor Collect 21 junk items from Fractal Encryptions awarded in Fractals of the Mists.
Hivemaster Collect 26 items and skins, including 16 Chak weapon skins.
Mistwarden Unlock the rest of the Mistward armor set.
The Great Reformer Unlock the Warmaster's Pack, Lightbringer's Pack, and Magister's Pack skins in your wardrobe.
Ex Machina Unlock all 16 machined weapon skins in your wardrobe.
Fatebreaker Collect and consume 6 powerful items from salvaging ascended gear.
Illuminated Collect all 13 items to forge the ascended backpack, Luminate's Backplate
Finely Crafted Each month, Eldvin Monastery sends out a finely crafted beer to members of the Brew of the Month Club. Each beer's availability is limited to that particular month. After a new months begins, visit a major city to receive your package from Eldvin Monastery.
PvP Conqueror
Slayer Get 2,000 kills in sPvP.
Champion Slayer Get 200 kills in sPvP tournaments.
Champion Brawler Win 10,000 matches in sPvP tournaments.
Gladiator Obtain 8,500 rank points in sPvP.
Mercenary Obtain 48,500 rank points in sPvP.
Avenger Obtain 123,500 rank points in sPvP.
Ransacker Obtain 273,500 rank points in sPvP.
Marauder Obtain 473,500 rank points in sPvP.
Ravager Obtain 673,500 rank points in sPvP.
Reaper Obtain 873,500 rank points in sPvP.
Mist Walker Obtain 1,073,500 rank points in sPvP.
Legendary Champion Obtain 1,093,500 rank points in sPvP.
Champion Magus Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Elementalist.
Champion Genius Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Engineer.
Champion Paragon Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Guardian.
Champion Illusionist Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Mesmer.
Champion Phantom Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Necromancer.
Champion Hunter Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Ranger.
Champion Shadow Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Thief.
Champion Legionnaire Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Warrior.
Champion Ritualist Win 150 ranked or unranked games as Revenant.
Primordial Legend Cross into the legendary division during Season One of the PvP League.
Exalted Legend Cross into the legendary division during Season Two of the PvP League.
Illustrious Legend Cross into the legendary division during Season Three of the PvP League.
Indomitable Legend Cross into the legendary division during Season Four of the PvP League.
Revenge of the Capricorn
Salty Sea Dog Participate in the beta for Revenge of the Capricorn structured PvP map.
Eternal Coliseum
Eternal Gladiator Participate in the beta for Eternal Coliseum structured PvP map.
Golden Achieve 200 Gold coin.
I'm rich, you know. Purchase a patronage contract in Ember Bay.
Master Crafter Level all 8 Crafting skills to 400.
Dungeon Master Complete all 8 dungeons.
Twice-Told Legend Present two of the same bound legendary to Historian Dozza.
The Emperor Acquire 90 pieces of Cultural armor.
Fashion Collector Acquire 1000 skins.
Combat Healer Acquire No One Left Behind by reviving 1,000 player or non-player characters.
The Sunbringer Complete 10 Tequatl achievements.
Great Jungle Wurm Slayer Complete 10 Great Jungle Wurm achievements.
Wurm's Bane Successfully decapitate the Great Jungle Wurm in Bloodtide Coast and defeat all three of its heads.
Killer Queen Defeat a legendary karka queen on Southsun Cove.
Hall of Monuments
Traveler 5 Hall of Monuments points
Guild Warrior 10 Hall of Monuments points
Rift Warden 15 Hall of Monuments points
Chosen 20 Hall of Monuments points
Ascendant 25 Hall of Monuments points
Closer to the Stars 30 Hall of Monuments points
Ghostly Hero 35 Hall of Monuments points
Flameseeker 40 Hall of Monuments points
Legend of the Mists 45 Hall of Monuments points
Champion of the Gods 50 Hall of Monuments points
God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals Acquire God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title in Guild Wars.
Kegmaster Master 7 Keg Brawl skills.
Omnomnivore Complete all of Belcher's Bluff achievements.
World vs World
Ultimate Dominator Get 250,000 total kills in WvW.
Yakslapper Kill 2,500 enemy supply caravans.
Leader of the Yak Succesfully escort 2,500 supply caravans.
Fixer-Upper Spend 10,000 supply on repairs.
Unstoppable Force Capture 7,500 objectives.
Unhappy Camper Capture 2,500 total supply camps.
Tower Toppler Capture 2,000 total towers.
Plays for Keeps Capture 1,000 total keeps.
Kingmaker Capture Stonemist Castle 200 times.
Immovable Object Defend 3,000 objectives.
Camp Counselor Defend 500 total supply camps.
Keep Guard Defend 1000 keeps.
Tower Guard Defend 750 total towers.
Royal Guard Defend Stonemist Castle 500 times.
Veteran of the Mists Complete 15 WvW Premier Season achievements.
Mist Runner Complete 10 WvW Spring Tournament 2014 achievements.
Mist Treader Complete 4 WvW Fall Tournament 2014 World Contributor achievements.
Special Event
Apprentice Toymaker Earn 12 of the Wintersday Achievements.
Journeyman Toymaker Earn 20 of the Wintersday Achievements.
Adept Toymaker Earn 11 of the Wintersday Achievements.
Seasoned Toymaker Earn 18 of the Wintersday Achievements.
Finders Keepers Pick up 25 presents while escorting festive Dolyaks during Wintersday.
The Magnanimous Collect all 6 missing ornaments from chests in Tyria.
Deer Commander Feeding Grawnk 3 times, as a part of the Warming Grawnk's Heart scavenger hunt.
Sweet Tooth Eat 2,500 Candy Canes.
Spirited Drinker Drink 10,000 Wintersday drinks.
Emissary of the Mad King Earn 5 of the Halloween Achievements.
Master Carver Carve 150 Pumpkins.
Flame and Frost
Volunteer 75 Acts of assistance
Avenger of the Dispossessed Followed Up with Rox and Braham
Secret of Southsun
Southsun Stalwart Earn 25 of the Secret of Southsun Achievements
Crab Toss Champion Win a round of Crab Toss.
Crabgrabber Steal or Deny 100 crabs in Crab Toss.
Bazaar of the Four Winds
Sanctum Sprinter Place first in Sanctum Sprint.
Battle for Lion's Arch
Hero of Lion's Arch Defeat Scarlet on the Breachmaker
Super Adventure Box
Distinction in Applied Jumping Earn 15 Achievements for World 1
Honors in Applied Jumping Earn 13 Achievements for World 2
The Queen's Gauntlet
The Blazing Light Defeat Liadri the Concealing Dark
The Silverwastes
The Annihilator Slay the Legendary Mordrem Annihilator
The Demolisher Slay the Legendary Mordrem Demolisher
The Executioner Slay the Legendary Mordrem Executioner
The Tormentor Slay the Legendary Mordrem Tormentor
The Be-All and the End-All Slay the Legendary Mordrem Annihilator, Demolisher, Executioner, and Tormentor
Dark Traveler Collect key fragments from lesser nightmare pods, and unlock the greater nightmare pod while the Hidden Depths is dark.
Heart of Thorns
The Golden Child Participate in 100 successful retakes of Tarir
The Eternal Defeat all bosses in Spirit Vale without any party members dying.
Slippery Slubling Ensure that someone in your raid squad is holding the golden slubling so that it may witness the death of Slothasor.
Rising Flames
Good Apple Find and feed this poor hungry soul on the island.
Titles without Achievement
Legend of the Arena Top 5 on sPvP Paid Tournament leaderboards
Master of the Arena Top 10 on sPvP Paid Tournament leaderboards
Veteran of the Arena Top 25 on sPvP Paid Tournament leaderboards
Soldier of the Arena Top 50 on sPvP Paid Tournament leaderboards
Challenger of the Arena Top 100 on sPvP Paid Tournament leaderboards
Maguuma Trailblazer Pre-purchase Heart of Thorns


  • Titles are not tied to emotes or abilities, except for PVP rank — the /rank command will trigger the relevant finisher banner.
  • Titles obtained from placing on QP leaderboards were acquired by using a consumable from a corresponding box sent by ArenaNet through in-game mail.
After linking your Guild Wars accounts, the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals sometimes fails to show as an option from the title drop down. You can fix this by closing Guild Wars 2, launching Guild Wars 1, and then selecting a character that has the GWAMM title. Close the program and restart Guild Wars 2.

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