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Glyph of Elementals

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Glyph of Elementals.png

Glyph of Elementals

Not available underwater  10.25¼ Activation time  120 Recharge time  10 Skill point  

Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist (skill list)
Elite (tier 1)
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Summon an elemental based on your attunement.

Fire Attunement.pngGlyph of Elementals.png Fire Elemental: Deals damage.
Water Attunement.pngGlyph of Elementals.png Ice Elemental: Deals damage and heals.
Air Attunement.pngGlyph of Elementals.png Air Elemental: Deals damage and stuns.
Earth Attunement.pngGlyph of Elementals.png Earth Elemental: Deals damage and is hard to kill.
Duration.png Duration: 60 s

— In-game description [?]

[edit] Abilities

The the stats below are for elementals at level 80. The damage is dealt to level 80 exotic medium armor with no extra toughness. The stats of the elementals only scale with their level and not the stats of their summoner.

[edit] Fire Elemental

Approx. 9300 Health.

  • Fireball - Basic melee attack. Deals ~800 damage to the target and nearby foes.
  • Flame Burst - Deals ~1200 area damage to nearby foes, cripples them for 3 seconds, and grant nearby allies 3 stacks of might for 10 seconds. While casting this spell, the Fire Elemental flies up in the air and evades attacks.
  • Flame Swoop - Sends out 4 fast projectiles at target foe. The first 3 projectiles hits a single target for ~300 damage. The last blasts the area with fire, dealing ~2000 damage to all foes within range. While casting this spell, the Fire Elemental flies up in the air and evades attacks. *

[edit] Ice Elemental

Approx. 21300 Health.

  • Ice Strike - Basic melee attack. Deals ~800 damage.
  • Frozen Ground - Creates a frozen ground. Foes in the frozen ground become chilled for one second every second. Lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Cleansing wave - Knocks an enemy back dealing ~1200 damage. Then cast a cleansing wave, healing self and nearby allies for 6570. Has a 25 second cooldown. Unlike the elementalist skill
    Cleansing Wave.png
     Cleansing Wave, this skill cures no conditions. *

[edit] Air Elemental

Approx. 14500 Health.

  • Lightning Strikes - Ranged attack. Send out 6 projectiles towards target foe that deals ~400-500 damage each.
  • Windborne Speed - Grants swiftness to nearby allies for 10 seconds and cures chilled, crippled and immobilized.
  • Mind Shock - Ranged attack. Stuns target for 1 second. Deals no damage. *

[edit] Earth Elemental

Approx. 21300 Health. High toughness level.

  • Punch - Basic melee attack. Deals ~400-500 damage.
  • Power Punch - Melee attack. Deals ~900-1000 damage and inflicts weakness for 5 seconds.
  • Stomp - Deals ~1300 area damage and cripples nearby foes for 5 seconds. Nearby allies also grant the protection boon for 3 seconds. *

* These skills are not available to the lesser elementals.

[edit] Notes

  • The 120 second recharge time starts when the elemental dies or expires. This means that unless the elemental is killed, the actual recharge time of this skill is 180 seconds.
  • The air elemental uses ranged attacks, while the other three attack in melee.
  • Each elemental has a different type of aoe effect. The fire elemental casts might, the air elemental swiftness, the water elemental healing and an ice field and the earth elemental uses an attack that cripples foes and protects allies.

[edit] Related Skills

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