Wrapped weapons

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Wrapped weapons

Wrapped weapons are a level 80 Exotic weapons available during Wintersday. With only a few exceptions (see trivia below), these weapons all take the appearance of a festively gift-wrapped version of an existing rare/valuable weapon.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Wrapped Axe.pngBringer's Wrapped Axe Axe
Wrapped Dagger.pngBringer's Wrapped Dagger Dagger
Wrapped Mace.pngBringer's Wrapped Mace Mace
Wrapped Pistol.pngBringer's Wrapped Pistol Pistol
Wrapped Scepter.pngBringer's Wrapped Scepter Scepter
Wrapped Sword.pngBringer's Wrapped Sword Sword
Off hand
Wrapped Focus.pngBringer's Wrapped Focus Focus
Wrapped Shield.pngBringer's Wrapped Shield Shield
Wrapped Torch.pngBringer's Wrapped Torch Torch
Wrapped Warhorn.pngBringer's Wrapped Warhorn Warhorn
Wrapped Greatsword.pngBringer's Wrapped Greatsword Greatsword
Wrapped Hammer.pngBringer's Wrapped Hammer Hammer
Wrapped Longbow.pngBringer's Wrapped Longbow Longbow
Wrapped Rifle.pngBringer's Wrapped Rifle Rifle
Wrapped Short Bow.pngBringer's Wrapped Short Bow Short bow
Wrapped Staff.pngBringer's Wrapped Staff Staff



  • It takes a minimum of 4 years to acquire a whole set, as players can only complete the associated achievement every 5 days during Wintersday.


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