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This page is a work-in-progress.

Backstories and detailed information for all of my characters.

Teleperion Sirenclaw Charr Engineer[edit]



Telperion was raised like every Charr in Ascalon: in a Fahrar. He became quick friends with a cub known as Dinky Biography Dinky.png when he witnessed other charr bullying him. He used quick thinking anda took a piece of rope, a rock, and ripped some of the fabric of his shirt to make a flail to beat down the bullies. Those charr did not bother Dinky again. Teleperion was feared by other cubs because his father was a shaman in the Flame Legion Biography Sorcerous Shaman.png, so cubs believed that he was cursed and tried their best to avoid him if they could. Despite what others thought of him, though, he still cooperated and worked diligently with them enough so that they did the same with him. In his spare time, he would often tinker around with scrap parts and create toys with intricate mechanisms that he would use to pass time when he was bored, much to his Primus' dismay, until he began tinkering and modifying weaponry which earned him a spot in the Siren warband of the Iron Legion Biography Iron Legion.png.

His life would change forever on the night of the Blood Legion's assault of the ghosts of Ascalon...

Arhan Varhatti Human Revenant[edit]


  • Noble Coat.png Noble of Divinity's Reach
  • Magister's Pack.png Magister of the Durmand Priory
  • Healer's Pact Badge.png Ex-commander of the Pact
  • Vial of Salt.png Commander of Dragon's Watch
  • Banners of the Sunspear.png Ally of the Sunspears



Arhan is a descendant of the Dervish Aluzan Varhatti, the Elonian hero that played a major role in the defeat Shiro Tagachi, Abaddon, The Great Destroyer, and witnessed Kormir's ascension. After defeating The Great Destroyer, Aluzan settled down back in Elona, and had a family with three children: two sons and one daughter. After Palawa Joko came to power, Aluzan, worried for the protection of his family, shipped his wife and children across the ocean to Kryta with help from the Order of Whispers along with a great sum of his wealth. His wife would pass on the teachings of the Dervish to her children, and the tradition would continue from generation to generation. Aluzan went into hiding and was not seen or heard from again.

Unlike most dervishes, the Varhatti line adopted Ritualistic techniques in their worship of the Six, thanks to Aluzan's knowledge of Ritualism that he obtained on his quest in Cantha. Ritualism greatly increased the family's communion with the Mists as part of their practice at Dervishes. Some in the line even claimed to have had close encounters with the Mists themselves and became scholars that documented what they experienced to the Durmand Priory.

Arhan's Life[edit]

Arhan grew up as part of a wealthy household Biography Nobility.png with his older sister Deborah Biography Dead Sister.png, who was his only real "friend" throughout most of his childhood. He was blessed by Balthazar Biography Balthazar.png at birth, so he believed that he should be fierce and strong around others, and as a result other children did not enjoy playing games with him very much. However, that wasn't the case as he grew older, as he was learned the techniques of the Dervish from his father and realized the importance of family and friendship. At the age of 19, Arhan experienced loss for the first time when he heard that his sister had been killed by Centaurs while she was out on patrol. Because of this, he resented all Centaurs until he learned about Ventari from a Sylvari tourist. Like most of his family, he was raised a Dervish with Ritualist techniques, so he used his abilities to try and commune with Ventari, and that was the first time he ever invoked a legend, albeit only briefly. As he honed his ability to channel the powers of the Mists, he learned of more influential figures from the past that he learned to invoke.

One day, while taking a stroll out of Divinity's Reach, Arhan found himself in the middle of a centaur attack on Shaemoor, and his actions on that day would change his life forever...