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This page is a simple sandbox for :

Content (template)[edit]

Version 1[edit]

Contains Copper coin 3-5, and one of the following items :

Version 2[edit]

Contains Copper coin 3-5, and one of the following items :

Gathering tool
Salvage kit
Basic material
  • {{contains|things}}
Fine material
Rare material

List (WIP)[edit]

Tier 1[edit]

Tier 1-2[edit]

Tier 2[edit]

Tier 3[edit]

Tier 4[edit]

Tier 4-5[edit]

Tier 5[edit]

Tiers 5-6[edit]


Others lists[edit]

Specials containers Source
Black Lion Chest.png Black Lion Chest Unlock a Black Lion Chest
with a  Black Lion Chest Key.png Black Lion Chest Key
Lost Orrian Jewelry Box.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box 4,550 Karma.png at any
Karma vendor in Orr
Mystery Box.png Mystery Box Silver coin 76 Copper coin from Agent Vala
Pile of Metal Scrap.png Pile of Junk 119 Karma.png from Scar Stripeclaw
Hidden Hoard.png Quaggan Bag of Goods Silver coin 70 Copper coin from Northern Refugee
Unidentified Dye.png Unidentified Dye Random drop
Event containers Event
Trick-or-Treat Bag.png Trick-or-Treat Bag Halloween
Trick-or-Treat Bag.png Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bag
Mad King Chest.png Mad King Chest
Wintersday Gift.png Small Wintersday Gift Wintersday
Wintersday Gift.png Medium Wintersday Gift
Wintersday Gift.png Large Wintersday Gift
Wintersday Gift.png Giant Wintersday Gift
Personalized Wintersday Gift.png Personalized Wintersday Gift
Wintersday Gift.png Unsafe Wintersday Gift
Wintersday Gift.png Toymaker Tixx's Gift
Wintersday Dye Kit.png Wintersday Dye Kit
Dragon Coffer.png Dragon Coffer Dragon Bash
Containers from Gem Store Price/unit
Consortium Chest.png Consortium Chest 250 Gem.png during
The Lost Shores event
Consortium Dye Kit.png Consortium Dye Pack 125 Gem.png during
The Lost Shores event
Dragon Bash Mini Pack.png Dragon Bash Mini Pack 500 Gem.png or as a gift during
Dragon Bash
Unidentified Dye (crafted).png Dye Pack 200 Gem.png
Flame Dye Kit.png Flame Dye Kit 100-125 Gem.png during
Flame and Frost
Frost Dye Kit.png Frost Dye Kit
Minis 3-Pack (Set 1).png Minis 3-Pack (Set 1) 300 Gem.png
Miniature Spooky Trio.png Miniature Spooky Trio 500 Gem.png during
Mini Super Trio.png Mini Super Trio 500 Gem.png during
april 2013
Rich Dragon Coffer.png Rich Dragon Coffer 80-100 Gem.png during
Dragon Bash
Southsun Supply Crate.png Southsun Supply Crate 120-150 Gem.png or random drop
during The Secret of Southsun
Wintersday Mystery Box.png Wintersday Mystery Box 80-100 Gem.png during