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Black Lion Chest

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Contains up to four items including a seasonal item, a convenience item, and a progression item. Exclusive skins not available anywhere else can be found inside.
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— In-game description

A Black Lion Chest is a container that, when used with a Black Lion Chest Key, usually yields three items. Many items within are also available in the Gem Store, though some rare items are exclusive to the chest, and a good portion of the items are Account Bound. Players are able to view the item(s) contained in a Black Lion Chest by right clicking on the Chest and selecting the Preview option.

When activated, a Black Lion Chest window opens that allows the player to combine a chest and a key.


  • Rare drop from any open world foe.

Contained in[edit]


Black Lion Chests have seasonal contents.

Each Black Lion Chest contains three common items: a seasonal item (which is the first item listed below), one convenience item and one account progression item. In addition there is a chance at an uncommon, rare or super rare item which will appear as an additional fourth drop.

Common drops[edit]

Uncommon drops[edit]

Rare drops[edit]

Super rare drops[edit]

  1. ^ a b c d e f This item can appear in the second slot.
  2. ^ a b c d e f This item can appear in the third slot.

Historical items[edit]

Primary article: Black Lion Chest/historical


The various appearance of the Black Lion Chest window.


  • Drop rate research can be viewed here.
  • Opening a chest previously yielded you with Copper coin, up until the 21 January 2014 update.
  • If the chest would have granted you a Wardrobe Unlock account-bound upgrade you already possess you will be granted Black Lion Keys instead; as well as being prompted with the red message 'Duplicate, account-bound unlock detected. Item has been replaced with free keys.'[1]
  • Until the update on November 1, 2016, three non-seasonal items (such as Trick or Treat Bag or Lucky Envelopes) were guaranteed.
    • Chest drop tables were often altered during major or seasonal releases, either by adding release-specific categories to the three drop spread or guaranteeing additional items on top of the existing drops.
    • The window now shows the current seasonal item as well as the chest sometimes being a different color. Previously it was just a grey color with no other decorations.
  • The LWS3 Episode 6 update removed Tomes of Knowledge and Unidentified Dyes from rotation. The Black Lion Booster and Mystic Forge Stones were added as Common Drops.
  • The August 8, 2017 update added Black Lion Exclusive Chests as Rare Drops.



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