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Black Lion Chest

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Contains a guaranteed item, a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, and 2 common items. Each chest has a 10% chance for a bonus uncommon or better item drop. Preview available.

— In-game description

A Black Lion Chest is a container that, when used with a Black Lion Chest Key, yields four items, with a chance to contain a fifth item. If opened with a Golden Black Lion Chest Key, the fifth item is guaranteed.

Many items within are also available in the Gem Store, though some rare items are exclusive to the chest, and a good portion of the items are Account Bound. Those exclusive items can later be purchased from the Black Lion Statuettes. Players are able to view the items contained in a Black Lion Chest by right clicking on the Chest and selecting the Preview option. The items within usually change with a major release.

When activated, a Black Lion Chest window opens that allows the player to combine a chest and a key.


  • Rare drop from any open world foe.

Contained in[edit]


For previous contents, see: Black Lion Chest/historical
Black Lion Chests have seasonal content.
The current Black Lion Chest - Regal Waves Chest

Contains a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, a guaranteed item, and 2 common items. Each chest also has a 10% chance for an uncommon or better item, including exclusive skins not available anywhere else. You cannot receive duplicates of any exclusive skins.

— Preview description

Each Black Lion Chest contains four items: a seasonal item, one Black Lion Statuette, and two common items. In addition there is a chance at an uncommon, rare or super rare item which will appear as an additional fifth drop.

Guaranteed drops[edit]

Common drops[edit]

Drop chance: 100%

Uncommon drops[edit]

Drop chance: ~3.0%

Rare drops[edit]

Drop chance: ~2.0% - 0.3%

Super rare drops[edit]

Drop chance: ~0.3%


  • The non-guaranteed Black Lion Statuette drop can be between 2-25 statuettes at once.
  • Drop rate research can be found here.
Item Average number of item received per container opened
Dye Kit 0.456
Transmutation Charge (item).pngTransmutation Charge 0.185
Black Lion Claim Ticket Scrap.pngBlack Lion Claim Ticket Scrap 0.147
Large Crafting Bag.pngLarge Crafting Bag 0.147
Revive Orb.pngRevive Orb 0.14
Heavy Crafting Bag.pngHeavy Crafting Bag 0.127
Teleport to Friend.pngTeleport to Friend 0.109
Seasonal Item 0.097
Black Lion Statuette.pngBlack Lion Statuette 0.091
Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket.pngBlack Lion Miniature Claim Ticket 0.082
Uncommon Item 0.081
Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock.pngGuaranteed Wardrobe Unlock 0.079
Upgrade Extractor.pngUpgrade Extractor 0.074
Metabolic Primer.pngMetabolic Primer 0.058
Utility Primer.pngUtility Primer 0.055
Guaranteed Armor Unlock.pngGuaranteed Armor Unlock 0.053
Black Lion Commemorative Coin.pngBlack Lion Commemorative Coin 0.049
Tyrian Exchange Voucher.pngTyrian Exchange Voucher 0.047
Guaranteed Weapon Unlock.pngGuaranteed Weapon Unlock 0.045
Black Lion Lockbreaker Kit.pngBlack Lion Lockbreaker Kit 0.042
Toy Mini Egg.pngToy Mini Egg 0.029
Rare Item 0.02
Super Rare Item 0.001


Original window appearance.
  • The contents were first updated in the 25 September 2012 update, which added additional items and replaced random tonics with Mystery Tonics and its endless version.
  • Opening a chest previously yielded you with Copper coin, up until the January 21, 2014 update.
  • Prior to the June 3, 2014 update, chests were split into locked and unlocked items. Using a key converted the former into the latter which served as a container.
    • Prior to the February 18, 2014 update, unlocked chests were soulbound on acquire. This patch saw this item made account bound at the request of players.
  • Tradeable permanent finishers were added in the 29 September 2015 update. This patch also removed Metabolic Primer, Utility Primer, Large Guild Discovery, and Boost Enchantment Powder from the drop tables. The Metabolic Primer was re-introduced in the March 28, 2017 update as an Uncommon drop.
  • As of the rework in 2016, the window to open the chest now shows the current seasonal item as well as the chest sometimes being a different color. Previously it was just a grey color with no other decorations. Additionally, contents could now be viewed and the chests were given unique names.
  • Until the update on November 1, 2016, three non-seasonal items (such as Trick or Treat Bag or Lucky Envelopes) were guaranteed.
  • The One Path Ends update removed Tomes of Knowledge and Unidentified Dyes from rotation. The Black Lion Booster and Mystic Forge Stones were added as Common Drops but were later removed in the 2017 Wintersday Black Lion Chest update.
  • Significant revisions were made to the regular Black Lion Chest items with updates to the 2017 Wintersday's Glacial Wintersday Chest, that included:
    • The addition of more valuable common items, including dye kits, Upgrade Extractors, and new weapon- and armor-specific wardrobe unlocks.
    • Previously rare weapon skins became uncommon drops and previously super rare weapon skins became rare drops.
  • Notable permanent additions include:
  • Notable removals include:

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