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NA & CN server player
Since 2012-08-25/2014-05-01
jackil.8792 @ Maguuma NA
霜X @ 巴萨泽 CN

I am trying to add Chinese vision in GW2W for CN players, because there is not Chinese database for us.

If it is forbidden, info me.

Thanks a lot.


需要物品 主要材料 获取方式
Warcry.png Warcry Recruit's Wings of War.png 新兵战争之翼
350  WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png 世界战场冲突兑换券
Soldier's Wings of War.png Soldier's Wings of War
525  WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png 世界战场冲突兑换券
General's Wings of War.png General's Wings of War
700  WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png 世界战场冲突兑换券
Commander's Wings of War.png Commander's Wings of War
875  WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png 世界战场冲突兑换券
Gift of Conquering.png Gift of Conquering Legendary Spike.png 传奇尖刺
Chance to drop randomly from enemy players and NPCs in World versus World.
Gift of Battle.png 战斗礼赠 x4
Completing 战斗礼赠奖励支线
Vision Crystal.png 幻景水晶 x2
2    Augur's Stone.png 预言石
10  Dragonite Ingot.png 龙岩锭
10  Empyreal Star.png 至纯星
10  Bloodstone Brick.png 血石砖
Memory of Battle.png 战斗回忆录 x250
Gift of Warfare.png Gift of Warfare Mystic Essence of Strategy.png Mystic Essence of Strategy
Vial of Powerful Blood.png T6血瓶 x20
Vial of Potent Blood.png T5血瓶 x50
Pile of Bloodstone Dust.png 血石尘 x250
Essence of Strategy.png Essence of Strategy (costs:  Badge of Honor.png Badge of Honor x1000)
Mystic Essence of Animosity.png Mystic Essence of Animosity
Ancient Bone.png T6骨头 x20
Large Bone.png T5骨头 x50
Empyreal Fragment.png 至纯裂片 x250

Essence of Animosity.png Essence of Animosity (costs:  Proof of Heroics.png Proof of Heroics x500)
Mystic Essence of Carnage.png Mystic Essence of Carnage
Armored Scale.png T6鳞片 x20
Large Scale.png T5鳞片 x50
Dragonite Ore.png 龙岩矿 x250
Essence of Carnage.png Essence of Carnage (costs:  Memory of Battle.png Memory of Battle x500)
Mystic Essence of Annihilation.png Mystic Essence of Annihilation
Vicious Claw.png T6钩爪 x20
Large Claw.png T5钩爪 x50
Glob of Dark Matter.png 球形暗物质 x10
Essence of Annihilation.png Essence of Annihilation (costs:  WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket x350)
Gift of Fortune.png 财富礼赠 Glob of Ectoplasm.png 球形灵质 x250
Mystic Clover.png 神秘四叶草 x77
~231  Mystic Coin.png 神秘硬币
~231  Glob of Ectoplasm.png 球形灵质
~231  Obsidian Shard.png 黑曜石碎块
~231  Mystic Crystal.png 水晶 或者 ~1386  Philosopher's Stone.png 点金石
    (或者消耗: 139 Spirit Shard.png 灵魂碎块)
Gift of Magic.png 魔法礼赠
250  Vial of Powerful Blood.png T6血瓶
250  Powerful Venom Sac.png T6毒囊
250  Elaborate Totem.png T6图腾
250  Pile of Crystalline Dust.png 晶化尘堆
Gift of Might.png 力量礼赠
250  Vicious Fang.png T6牙齿
250  Armored Scale.png T6鳞片
250  Vicious Claw.png T6钩爪
250  Ancient Bone.png T6骨头


主要材料 二级材料 三级材料 / 消耗 / 获取途径 四级材料 / 消耗 / 获取途径
Gift of Prosperity.png Gift of Prosperity Gift of Battle.png Gift of Craftsmanship 50 
Provisioner Token.png
(sold by Faction Provisioners)
Mystic Clover.png 15 Mystic Clovers
Gift of Condensed Might.png Gift of Condensed Might Gift of Fangs.png Gift of Fangs
Vicious Fang.png 100 Vicious Fangs
Large Fang.png 250 Large Fangs
Sharp Fang.png 50 Sharp Fangs
Fang.png 50 Fangs
Gift of Scales.png Gift of Scales
Armored Scale.png 100 Armored Scales
Large Scale.png 250 Large Scales
Smooth Scale.png 50 Smooth Scales
Scale.png 50 Scales
Gift of Claws.png Gift of Claws
Vicious Claw.png 100 Vicious Claws
Large Claw.png 250 Large Claws
Sharp Claw.png 50 Sharp Claws
Claw.png 50 Claws
Gift of Bones.png Gift of Bones
Ancient Bone.png 100 Ancient Bones
Large Bone.png 250 Large Bones
Heavy Bone.png 50 Heavy Bones
Bone.png 50 Bones
Gift of Condensed Magic.png Gift of Condensed Magic Gift of Blood.png Gift of Blood
Vial of Powerful Blood.png 100 Vials of Powerful Blood
Vial of Potent Blood.png 250 Vials of Potent Blood
Vial of Thick Blood.png 50 Vials of Thick Blood
Vial of Blood.png 50 Vials of Blood
Gift of Venom.png Gift of Venom
Powerful Venom Sac.png 100 Powerful Venom Sacs
Potent Venom Sac.png 250 Potent Venom Sacs
Full Venom Sac.png 50 Full Venom Sacs
Venom Sac.png 50 Venom Sacs
Gift of Totems.png Gift of Totems
Elaborate Totem.png 100 Elaborate Totems
Intricate Totem.png 250 Intricate Totems
Engraved Totem.png 50 Engraved Totems
Totem.png 50 Totems
Gift of Dust.png Gift of Dust
Pile of Crystalline Dust.png 100 Piles of Crystalline Dust
Pile of Incandescent Dust.png 250 Piles of Incandescent Dust
Pile of Luminous Dust.png 50 Piles of Luminous Dust
Pile of Radiant Dust.png 50 Piles of Radiant Dust
Gift of Prowess.png Gift of Prowess Legendary Insight.png 25 Legendary Insights Weekly raid boss chests
Eldritch Scroll.png Eldritch Scroll 50 Spirit Shard.png (sold by Miyani)
Obsidian Shard.png 50 Obsidian Shards
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy.png Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy Artificer tango icon 20px.pngHuntsman tango icon 20px.pngWeaponsmith tango icon 20px.pngArmorsmith tango icon 20px.pngLeatherworker tango icon 20px.pngTailor tango icon 20px.png 500 crafting:
Ball of Dark Energy.png Ball of Dark Energy
Stabilizing Matrix.png 75 Stabilizing Matrices
Gift of Dedication.png Gift of Dedication Auric Ingot.png 5 Auric Ingots
Reclaimed Metal Plate.png 5 Reclaimed Metal Plates
Chak Egg.png 5 Chak Eggs
Gift of the Pact.png Gift of the Pact

250 Airship Part + 250 Lump of Aurillium + 250 Ley Line Crystal (sold by Whispers Keeper).

Precursor armor piece
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