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Precursor armor is a generic term for an ascended piece of armor which can be promoted with a mystic forge recipe into legendary armor.


  • It is recommended that you do not attempt to stat change your precursor item with the standard stat swap recipe in the Mystic Forge. While you will be provided with an item with the desired stats, it will have been replaced with a generic ascended item that cannot be used as a legendary precursor.

List of precursor armor pieces[edit]


Refined Envoy armor
Type Heavy Medium Light
Helm Refined Envoy Helmet.pngRefined Envoy Helmet Refined Envoy Mask.pngRefined Envoy Mask Refined Envoy Cowl.pngRefined Envoy Cowl
Shoulders Refined Envoy Pauldrons.pngRefined Envoy Pauldrons Refined Envoy Shoulderpads.pngRefined Envoy Shoulderpads Refined Envoy Mantle.pngRefined Envoy Mantle
Coat Refined Envoy Breastplate.pngRefined Envoy Breastplate Refined Envoy Jerkin.pngRefined Envoy Jerkin Refined Envoy Vestments.pngRefined Envoy Vestments
Gloves Refined Envoy Gauntlets.pngRefined Envoy Gauntlets Refined Envoy Vambraces.pngRefined Envoy Vambraces Refined Envoy Gloves.pngRefined Envoy Gloves
Leggings Refined Envoy Tassets.pngRefined Envoy Tassets Refined Envoy Leggings.pngRefined Envoy Leggings Refined Envoy Pants.pngRefined Envoy Pants
Boots Refined Envoy Greaves.pngRefined Envoy Greaves Refined Envoy Boots.pngRefined Envoy Boots Refined Envoy Shoes.pngRefined Envoy Shoes


Glorious Hero's armor
Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Glorious Hero's Crown.pngGlorious Hero's Crown Glorious Hero's Cap.pngGlorious Hero's Cap Glorious Hero's Plate Helm.pngGlorious Hero's Plate Helm
Shoulders Glorious Hero's Epaulets.pngGlorious Hero's Epaulets Glorious Hero's Shoulderguards.pngGlorious Hero's Shoulderguards Glorious Hero's Pauldrons.pngGlorious Hero's Pauldrons
Coat Glorious Hero's Raiment.pngGlorious Hero's Raiment Glorious Hero's Brigandine.pngGlorious Hero's Brigandine Glorious Hero's Breastplate.pngGlorious Hero's Breastplate
Gloves Glorious Hero's Armguards.pngGlorious Hero's Armguards Glorious Hero's Wristplates.pngGlorious Hero's Wristplates Glorious Hero's Gauntlets.pngGlorious Hero's Gauntlets
Leggings Glorious Hero's Leggings.pngGlorious Hero's Leggings Glorious Hero's Legguards.pngGlorious Hero's Legguards Glorious Hero's Legplates.pngGlorious Hero's Legplates
Boots Glorious Hero's Footgear.pngGlorious Hero's Footgear Glorious Hero's Shinplates.pngGlorious Hero's Shinplates Glorious Hero's Wargreaves.pngGlorious Hero's Wargreaves
Mistforged Glorious Hero's armor
Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Mistforged Glorious Hero's Crown.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Crown Mistforged Glorious Hero's Cap.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Cap Mistforged Glorious Hero's Plate Helm.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Plate Helm
Shoulders Mistforged Glorious Hero's Epaulets.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Epaulets Mistforged Glorious Hero's Shoulderguards.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Shoulderguards Mistforged Glorious Hero's Pauldrons.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Pauldrons
Coat Mistforged Glorious Hero's Raiment.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Raiment Mistforged Glorious Hero's Brigandine.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Brigandine Mistforged Glorious Hero's Breastplate.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Breastplate
Gloves Mistforged Glorious Hero's Armguards.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Armguards Mistforged Glorious Hero's Wristplates.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Wristplates Mistforged Glorious Hero's Gauntlets.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Gauntlets
Leggings Mistforged Glorious Hero's Leggings.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Leggings Mistforged Glorious Hero's Legguards.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Legguards Mistforged Glorious Hero's Legplates.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Legplates
Boots Mistforged Glorious Hero's Footgear.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Footgear Mistforged Glorious Hero's Shinplates.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Shinplates Mistforged Glorious Hero's Wargreaves.pngMistforged Glorious Hero's Wargreaves
Ardent Glorious armor
Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Ardent Glorious Crown.pngArdent Glorious Crown Ardent Glorious Cap.pngArdent Glorious Cap Ardent Glorious Plate Helm.pngArdent Glorious Plate Helm
Shoulders Ardent Glorious Epaulets.pngArdent Glorious Epaulets Ardent Glorious Shoulderguards.pngArdent Glorious Shoulderguards Ardent Glorious Pauldrons.pngArdent Glorious Pauldrons
Coat Ardent Glorious Raiment.pngArdent Glorious Raiment Ardent Glorious Brigandine.pngArdent Glorious Brigandine Ardent Glorious Breastplate.pngArdent Glorious Breastplate
Gloves Ardent Glorious Armguards.pngArdent Glorious Armguards Ardent Glorious Wristplates.pngArdent Glorious Wristplates Ardent Glorious Gauntlets.pngArdent Glorious Gauntlets
Leggings Ardent Glorious Leggings.pngArdent Glorious Leggings Ardent Glorious Legguards.pngArdent Glorious Legguards Ardent Glorious Legplates.pngArdent Glorious Legplates
Boots Ardent Glorious Footgear.pngArdent Glorious Footgear Ardent Glorious Shinplates.pngArdent Glorious Shinplates Ardent Glorious Wargreaves.pngArdent Glorious Wargreaves


Triumphant Hero's armor
Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Triumphant Hero's Masque.pngTriumphant Hero's Masque Triumphant Hero's Faceguard.pngTriumphant Hero's Faceguard Triumphant Hero's Warhelm.pngTriumphant Hero's Warhelm
Shoulders Triumphant Hero's Epaulets.pngTriumphant Hero's Epaulets Triumphant Hero's Shoulderguards.pngTriumphant Hero's Shoulderguards Triumphant Hero's Pauldrons.pngTriumphant Hero's Pauldrons
Coat Triumphant Hero's Raiment.pngTriumphant Hero's Raiment Triumphant Hero's Brigandine.pngTriumphant Hero's Brigandine Triumphant Hero's Breastplate.pngTriumphant Hero's Breastplate
Gloves Triumphant Hero's Armguards.pngTriumphant Hero's Armguards Triumphant Hero's Wristplates.pngTriumphant Hero's Wristplates Triumphant Hero's Gauntlets.pngTriumphant Hero's Gauntlets
Leggings Triumphant Hero's Leggings.pngTriumphant Hero's Leggings Triumphant Hero's Legguards.pngTriumphant Hero's Legguards Triumphant Hero's Legplates.pngTriumphant Hero's Legplates
Boots Triumphant Hero's Footgear.pngTriumphant Hero's Footgear Triumphant Hero's Shinplates.pngTriumphant Hero's Shinplates Triumphant Hero's Wargreaves.pngTriumphant Hero's Wargreaves
Mistforged Triumphant Hero's armor
Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Masque.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Masque Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Faceguard.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Faceguard Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Warhelm.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Warhelm
Shoulders Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Epaulets.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Epaulets Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Shoulderguards.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Shoulderguards Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Pauldrons.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Pauldrons
Coat Sublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Raiment.pngSublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Raiment Sublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Brigandine.pngSublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Brigandine Sublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Breastplate.pngSublime Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Breastplate
Gloves Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Armguards.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Armguards Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Wristplates.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Wristplates Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Gauntlets.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Gauntlets
Leggings Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Leggings.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Leggings Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Legguards.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Legguards Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Legplates.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Legplates
Boots Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Footgear.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Footgear Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Shinplates.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Shinplates Mistforged Triumphant Hero's Wargreaves.pngMistforged Triumphant Hero's Wargreaves

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