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GW2W Easy Mode is a website I've constructed to aid wiki editors, particularly when creating new articles for items and achievements (Note this won't help for anything NOT found on the API). The two core pages of this website are the the main page and the view new entries pages. The first will allow anyone to browse through a local copy of any items/achievements found on the API, while the second displays a quick access to items/achievements recently added to the API.


Note that both the main page and view new entry pages will construct infoboxes in the same manner, however their method of use is slightly different.

Main page[edit]

  • In the search box type out the item/achievement name or id.
  • Ensure that the drop down boxes below the search bar are set to the wanted values (default shows items).
  • From the list on the left click the desired entry.
  • Give the website a few moments (can take up to 2-3 seconds for very detail-loaded items) to return a value. In most cases it should however load almost instantly.

View New Entries[edit]

  • Ensure that the drop down boxes are set to the desired values (default shows 50 items).
  • Select an entry from the list on the left side of the screen.
  • Two simple navigation buttons offer to advance further in the list or move back.
  • Give the website a few moments (can take up to 2-3 seconds for very detail-loaded items) to return a value. In most cases it should however load almost instantly.


Once the website has processed the query, a few things will appear:

Top Output[edit]

  • The wiki link will link to the English GW2 wiki to a page of the same name as the item name.
    • CAUTION: This is an educated guess, and the name from the API may not reflect a potential name-change on the wiki, such as is often the case with duplicate names.
  • The 'edit wiki' link will open the same link as described above, however will already be in edit mode (to save an extra click if you are confident an edit needs to be done).
  • The first API link will link directly to the GW2 API entry for the item/achievement in question.
  • The second API link (not always present) will link to the skin API entries for the given item.

Infobox Outputs[edit]

A WORD OF CAUTION: Although I attempt to make the infobox output as reliable as possible, there will ALWAYS be moments where it is incorrect since there is a fair amount of guess-work attributed to this, AND wiki conventions might change before I have time to update the site. PLEASE go over the information before hitting 'submit', often a quick 'preview' will highlight issues.

  • The first text area represents a skeleton wiki-code for the item/achievement entry queried. Entries which cannot be determined by the API are left blank or with a section-stub notice. Additional HTML comments may be present to help the editor in understanding what is required in that position.
  • The second (and possible third and fourth) infoboxes (which will not always be present) will show the wiki-code for the other directly linked pages.
    • In the case of items, this will represent the SKIN(S) pages.
    • In the case of achievements, this will represent the achievement page itself and not its infobox.
  • An icon should always be present next to the first text area, representing the in-game icon for the item (as given by the API). If the icon appears multiple times in the API, wiki links will be provided in order to help avoid duplicate uploads.
  • (Only available for items) Additionally a link below the text areas will offer the option to update the entry if the user believes this entry is not up to date. In order to see the updated details, the user will need to re-select the entry in question after the update is done.

Additional Content[edit]


If something breaks or you have a comment feel free to drop by the project talk page. Note that I still fairly actively work on the project and do at times mess something up. I do however usually manage to bring everything back in order quickly.


If you do care about what I do, I keep an updated list of what I change on the website here.