Togatl Grounds

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Togatl Grounds

Togatl Grounds map.jpg
Map of Togatl Grounds

Point of Interest
Viathan's Arm
(Kessex Hills)
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Togatl Grounds.jpg

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Interactive map

Path to Togatl Grounds POI

The Togatl Grounds is point of interest located within a hylek village inside a cavern within the Viathan's Arm area of Kessex Hills. Due to the ettin blocking their food supplies, they are all starving.

Getting there[edit]

The only entrance is via an underwater tunnel in the Eukaryan Caves area of Kessex Hills. Go to Matlal, the Renown Heart NPC, go underwater and a little northwards until you locate a nearby underwater-cave entrance. Go down into the underwater-cave, north-east through the underwater-tunnel, until you must go back up to the surface. (There are some Togatl hylek swimming in the water. You can follow them to find the village.)