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Event dialogue (map icon).png Race Organizer is a type of NPCs that allow player to join a racing event or a mount race.

List of Race Organizers[edit]

NPC Area Zone
Alaw Northern Complex Coves Sandswept Isles
Arbiter Lo Loju Fortress of Jahai Jahai Bluffs
Crystal Bloom Racemaster Kralkatorrik's Emergence Zone Grothmar Valley
Daine Bazaar Docks Labyrinthine Cliffs
Festival Race Master Trade Commons Hoelbrak
Jule -
The Crown Pavilion
The Crown Pavilion
Divinity's Reach
Lunatic Announcer Mad King's Labyrinth Mad King's Realm
Mad Race Master Mad King's Raceway Mad King's Realm
Marlen Atholma Sandswept Isles
Nicon Windcharger Dalada Forest Grothmar Valley
Pouyan Brightwater Inlet Desert Highlands
Qaaim Sand Jackal Run The Desolation
Race Announcer The Crown Pavilion Divinity's Reach
Race Coordinator Ministry Ward
Shinota Shore
New Kaineng City
Seitung Province
Rahil Arid Gladefields Elon Riverlands
Roller Beetle Race Master Valslake
Noxin Dells
Provern Shore
The Gallowfields
The Stychs
Snowden Drifts
Diessa Plateau
Gendarran Fields
Brisban Wildlands
Mount Maelstrom
Samet Vehtendi Arena Domain of Vabbi
Shipmate Kali Corsair Flotilla Domain of Istan
Super Race Announcer - Hub
Trader Marcus Bazaar Docks Labyrinthine Cliffs
Zena Wavebreak Bazaar Docks Labyrinthine Cliffs
Zoeya Free City of Amnoon Crystal Oasis

List of seasonal Race Organizers[edit]

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