Pirate Sword (toy)

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Pirate Sword

Item type
Account Bound
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Costume Brawl Toy: Double-click to equip a bundle which grants fun costume brawl skills. Brawl skills will only hit other players also using costume brawl.

— In-game description

Pirate Sword is a gizmo that equips a toy weapon bundle when used, giving access to five pirate skills.


Contained in[edit]

Sold by[edit]

  • Only sold if you have already acquired the Pirate Captain's Outfit from the gemstore.
Vendor Area Zone Cost Notes
Black Lion Exchange Specialist Black Lion Exchange Specialist Dwayna High Road
Trade Commons
Trader's Forum
Memorial Quadrant
Interdisciplinary Accessium
Plaza of Balthazar
Snowblind Peaks
Reckoner's Terrace
Mistlock Sanctuary
Bay of Elon
Armistice Bastion
Divinity's Reach
Lion's Arch
Black Citadel
Rata Sum
Divinity's Reach
Gendarran Fields
The Grove
Mistlock Sanctuary
Crystal Oasis
Armistice Bastion
Copper coin Requires the item Pirate Captain's Outfit.
Black Lion Representative (Exchange Specialist) Black Lion Representative Thousand Seas Pavilion Thousand Seas Pavilion Copper coin Requires the item Pirate Captain's Outfit.
Black Lion Trader (Merchant) Black Lion Trader Trader's Forum Lion's Arch Pirate Captain's Outfit.png Requires the item Pirate Captain's Outfit.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Sword Flourish.png Sword Flourish 20.5½ 0.25¼ Give a display of swashbuckling sword mastery.
2 Shout (skill).png Shout 0.25¼ 5 Shout a mighty taunt to all in earshot.
3 Walk the Plank.png Walk the Plank 10 Take a long walk off of a short plank.
4 Build Cannon.png Build Cannon 20.5½ 195 Build a cannon.
5 Call Parrot.png Call Parrot 0.25¼ 120 Summon your trusty pet parrot to accompany you for a time.
6 Time Out.png Time Out 2 Leave Costume Brawl so that you cannot be attacked. Requires an active Costume Brawl.

Cannon skills[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Fire (Cannon).png Fire 3 Fire an exploding cannon ball at the target location.
2 Ice Shot.png Fire Ice Shot 20 Fire an ice grenade to freeze foes at the target location.