King Toad's weapon skins

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King Toad's weapon skins are weapon skins obtained from Super Adventure Box. All weapon skins have faint particle effects when wielded, and faint sound effects during attacks. All skins are the same as Super weapon skins except green instead of blue.


Crafted in the Mystic Forge from:

Weapon skins[edit]

Skin Type Link
Main hand
King Toad's Axe.png King Toad's Axe Axe
King Toad's Dagger.png King Toad's Dagger Dagger
King Toad's Mace.png King Toad's Mace Mace
King Toad's Pistol.png King Toad's Pistol Pistol
King Toad's Scepter.png King Toad's Scepter Scepter
King Toad's Sword.png King Toad's Sword Sword
Off hand
King Toad's Focus.png King Toad's Focus Focus
King Toad's Shield.png King Toad's Shield Shield
King Toad's Torch.png King Toad's Torch Torch
King Toad's Warhorn.png King Toad's Warhorn Warhorn
King Toad's Greatsword.png King Toad's Greatsword Greatsword
King Toad's Hammer.png King Toad's Hammer Hammer
King Toad's Longbow.png King Toad's Longbow Longbow
King Toad's Rifle.png King Toad's Rifle Rifle
King Toad's Short Bow.png King Toad's Short Bow Short bow
King Toad's Staff.png King Toad's Staff Staff


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