Hero's weapons

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Hero's weapons are a set of ERare weapons obtained exclusively through the World versus World Hero weapon reward track.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Hero's Axe.png Hero's Axe Axe
Hero's Dagger.png Hero's Dagger Dagger
Hero's Mace.png Hero's Mace Mace
Hero's Pistol.png Hero's Pistol Pistol
Hero's Scepter.png Hero's Scepter Scepter
Hero's Sword.png Hero's Sword Sword
Off hand
Hero's Focus.png Hero's Focus Focus
Hero's Warhorn.png Hero's Warhorn Warhorn
Hero's Torch.png Hero's Torch Torch
Hero's Shield.png Hero's Shield Shield
Hero's Greatsword.png Hero's Greatsword Greatsword
Hero's Hammer.png Hero's Hammer Hammer
Hero's Longbow.png Hero's Longbow Longbow
Hero's Rifle.png Hero's Rifle Rifle
Hero's Short Bow.png Hero's Short Bow Short bow
Hero's Staff.png Hero's Staff Staff
Hero's Spear.png Hero's Spear Spear
Hero's Harpoon Gun.png Hero's Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Hero's Trident.png Hero's Trident Trident


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