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Here at the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, we acknowledge that editing an article can be daunting. Wiki code, templates, categories, and properties can overwhelm even experienced wiki folk. We offer an "Ask a wiki question" page, but what if you want a more personal response to your questions or concerns?

Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki Helper Group. The links below will take you directly to someone who's willing to help, but don't be surprised if others hop in to help out as well.


Willing to help with: User name: Link to open a conversation: Link to user's talk page: Activity level:
General questions or concerns Greener Start a new conversation with Greener User talk:Greener Helper Yellow Dot.png Semi-active
Gem Store and image queries, user conflicts Incarnazeus Start a new conversation with Incarnazeus User talk:Incarnazeus Helper Red Dot.png Inactive
Starting new articles, formatting Ventriloquist Start a new conversation with Ventriloquist User talk:Ventriloquist Helper Blue Dot.png Active
API related questions, general information Darqam Start a new conversation with Darqam User talk:Darqam Helper Red Dot.png Inactive
Wiki template grumbles Chieftain Alex Start a new conversation with Alex User talk:Chieftain Alex Helper Yellow Dot.png Semi-active
General questions and whatever can help with TxonAtana Start a new conversation with TxonAtana User talk:TxonAtana Helper Red Dot.png Inactive