Flask of Firewater

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Flask of Firewater.png

Flask of Firewater

Item type
Req. level
Soulbound on Acquire
Game link

Double-click to consume.
Excessive alcohol consumption will result in intoxication.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Barkeep Gallowknot Canton Factorium Black Citadel 16 Copper coin
Bartender (Sentinel's Perch) Bartender Tenaebron Lake Fields of Ruin 16 Copper coin
Bartender Silvergrace Fort Marriner Memory of Old Lion's Arch 16 Copper coin
Consortium Beverage Vendor (Southsun Shoals) Consortium Beverage Vendor Southsun Shoals Southsun Cove 16 Copper coin
Folamh Bazaar Docks Labyrinthine Cliffs 16 Copper coin
Gullveig the Grim Gullveig the Grim Western Ward
Hooligan's Route
Lion's Arch
Memory of Old Lion's Arch
16 Copper coin
Jaust Jaust Praetor's Canton Black Citadel 16 Copper coin
Legionnaire Sparclash Legionnaire Sparclash Lake Feritas Plains of Ashford 16 Copper coin
Renae Silverguard Renae Silverguard Perimeter Loop Black Citadel 16 Copper coin
Urvan Urvan Gladium Canton Black Citadel 16 Copper coin
Zotturrikk Zotturrikk Hooligan's Route Lion's Arch 16 Copper coin
Bartender Nixior Bartender Nixior (vendor currently unavailable) Eastern Ward Lion's Arch 16 Copper coin
Mura (vendor currently unavailable) Vigilant Hills Gendarran Fields 16 Copper coin
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