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Enchanted Treasure Map

Item type
Account Bound
Silver coin 98 Copper coin
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Double-click to show the location of the Enchanted Key.

— In-game description

An Enchanted Treasure Map is a map obtained once its four pieces have been found. It is used to find the Enchanted Key.


Obtaining the map[edit]

This item is created by using any of the scraps while having at least one copy of each scrap in the inventory. Scraps randomly drop from open world and jumping puzzle chests, with those in specific regions being more likely to drop certain scraps:

Scrap Associated region List of regional chests
Enchanted Map Scrap (1-4).png Enchanted Map Scrap (1/4) Kryta BasicJP
Enchanted Map Scrap (2-4).png Enchanted Map Scrap (2/4) Ascalon, Dry Top BasicJP
Enchanted Map Scrap (3-4).png Enchanted Map Scrap (3/4) Maguuma Jungle BasicJP
Enchanted Map Scrap (4-4).png Enchanted Map Scrap (4/4) Shiverpeak Mountains BasicJP
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Note: Many of these 3/4's are not in the list of basic chests they give 1/4's


  1. Use the Enchanted Treasure Map to bring up a panning map, pointing to several points of interest, labelled "???".
  2. Head to any of the point of interest and use the map again. You will be pointed to a new point of interest, with the message, "Somewhere in Lion's Arch".
  3. Head to the indicated point of interest and use the map again. You will be pointed to a point of interest, with the message, "Somewhere near this point of interest".
  4. Head to the newly indicated spot and seek for some interactable object. It will not be marked in any way, even when pressing "Show Enemy Names" key (Left Ctrl by default).
  5. When you get close enough, interact with the unlabeled object to receive the Enchanted Key.

Hinted locations[edit]

The following is the list of locations hinted by the map until one of those maps is entered.

Zone Landmark Chat code Notes
Divinity's Reach Vanguard Hospital  ???.
Queensdale Kappa's Corral  ???.
Kessex Hills Jannaj's Bandits  ???.
Gendarran Fields Stonefish Beach  ???.
Lion's Arch Old Lion's Arch  ???.
Harathi Hinterlands Forward Camp  ???.


When reopened while at any of the locations above, the map will point to Old Lion's Arch with the message "Somewhere in Lion's Arch". Reopening the map at the hinted point of interest will then hint the location below. All hints will only lead to this location.

Zone Landmark Chat code Notes
Lion's Arch Order of Whispers Headquarters Under a palm tree northwest of the POI


The location in Lion's Arch.
  • This item does not stack.
  • Making the map consumes the 4 scraps.
  • Finding the key does not consume the map, nor soulbind it.
  • It does not require going to any hinted point of interest specifically. Just entering the respective zone will cause the map to hint another location.
  • If the first use of the Enchanted Treasure Map is done at Lion's Arch, it will skip the step with the points of interest labeled "???" and will show directly the one labeled "Somewhere near this point of interest" instead.
  • The key can only be found once per account.
    • Trading the map to other characters will not allow them to obtain their own copies of the key.
    • Completing a new map will not allow acquisition of another key.
  • Once you have found the Enchanted Key, the Enchanted Treasure Map and all subsequently found Enchanted Treasure Map Scraps have no value except to sell them to a vendor.
  • Warning: Destroying the Enchanted Key before addition to Treasure Hunter Item Collection makes it impossible to complete the Achievement because reusing the Enchanted Treasure Map will NOT yield a second Enchanted Key.
Sometimes the enchanted key does not appear. If this happens, exit and return to the map. Multiple tries may be required.

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