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"/Possessed" Emote Tome

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"Possessed" Emote Tome.png

"/Possessed" Emote Tome

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Consuming this tome will give you access to a new emote!

— In-game description


This is a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Amnytas Mastery Amnytas Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 10Achievement points
Isgarren and Vass stood over the edge of Amnytas, looking down. This place was worth protecting—Tyria. Amnytas would be their vessel to do so.
Reward: "Possessed" Emote Tome.png"/Possessed" Emote Tome

  • Bringing Balance
  • Nurture Knowledge
  • Solidifying Strength
  • Cultivate Celestial
  • Nourish Natural
  • Oblige Obscure
  • Tentacle Toppler
  • Chuck Out the Trash
  • Fantastic Flying Foxes
  • Honorary Astral Ward
  • Amnytas Diving Goggles
  • Rank Doesn't Matter Here
  • The Healing of Amnytas
  • For a Rainy Day
  • Cruising Amnytas: Natural to Strength
  • Cruising Amnytas: Balance to Bastionmere
  • Cruising Amnytas: Lyhr's Tower to Isgarren's Tower
  • Bigger than You Remember...
  • Absolute Focus
  • Astral Ward Research
Completed 1 Achievement 1Achievement points
Completed 4 Achievements 1Achievement points
Completed 7 Achievements 3Achievement points
Completed 14 Achievements 5Achievement points