Elite Mordrem Mender

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Elite Mordrem Menders are Mordrem that resemble miniature trolls. They're able to strengthen and heal their allies by emitting an aura of blue light, but they become easily interruptible while doing so.


Maguuma Wastes
Heart of Maguuma 1

1 Only spawns during scaled events.

Event involvement[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png
Escort supplies to Indigo Cave (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Escort supplies to Amber Sandfall (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Heals
  • Slash - Melee auto-attack.
  • Heal Area1 - The mender channels, granting 1 stack of Might.png Might to allies for 5 seconds in a point-blank area of effect, once when used and then again each second over the next 4 seconds. 100 range, increasing by 100 range each second. If the channel is successfully completed, the troll heals allies and grants Swiftness.png Swiftness for 1 second in a point-blank area of effect. 500 range.
Stolen skills
1The mender is unsteady while it channels, giving it a chance to be knocked back a short distance upon taking direct damage.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Destroyed Matrix Cube Key.png Bandit Skeleton Key Service ERare 1
Powerful Venom Sac.png Powerful Venom Sac Crafting material ERare 1
Potent Venom Sac.png Potent Venom Sac Crafting material CFine 1
Vicious Fang.png Vicious Fang Crafting material ERare 1
Large Fang.png Large Fang Crafting material CFine 1
Pile of Silky Sand.png Pile of Silky Sand GizmoCrafting material BBasic 1
Silverwastes Shovel.png Silverwastes Shovel Consumable BBasic 1
Glob of Globby Gloop.png Glob of Globby Gloop Trophy AJunk 1-2
Spike.png Spike Trophy AJunk 1-2


  • Skills which repeatedly deal area of effect damage are extremely helpful when trying to prevent a group of Menders from healing.
  • Their "Heal Area" skill will also heal allied objects, such as Vine Crawlers.