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Defeat Axemaster Hareth

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Defeat Axemaster Hareth

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Axemaster Hareth is an event during the assault in Dragon's Stand to defeat Legendary Axemaster Hareth. In order to be able to damage Axemaster Hareth, the Ley-Line Collectors of that tower must all be destroyed. Should they respawn, Hareth will once again become invulnerable.


  • Prevent Mordrem Preservers from restoring the Ley-Line Collectors.
  • Distract Mordremoth's Commander to prevent havoc at the Ley-Line Energy Collectors.
  • Destroy the ley-line energy collectors: [0..3]





Event start
Tactician Zerpp: A shield deflects our attacks! Destroy the collectors, and it should fall!
Legendary Axemaster Hareth: (laughs) Pathetic creatures!
Destroying the first collector
Tactician Zerpp: We've wounded it! Pout on the pressure!
Destroying the third collector
Tactician Zerpp: The shields have collapsed! Hit it with everything you have!
If a collector is restored
Tactician Zerpp: The preservers healed the collectors! Destroy them both!
As preservers spawn
Tactician Zerpp: The preservers can restore those collectors. Keep them away!
Tactician Zerpp: The preservers are healers! Take them out!
Killing Hareth
Tactician Zerpp: Mordremoth's commander is vanquished!
Tactician Zerpp: Excellent! Keep this tree down until the others have been disabled.
Event completion
Tactician Zerpp: Success! Excelsior! One more step to inevitable victory!