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Cai disguise.jpg

Cai's disguise as a human bandit.

Cai is a member of Order of Whispers and acts as liaison to the Pale Tree, along with Iowerth from the Durmand Priory and Branthyn from the Vigil, when Risen assault Overlake Haven. After Mazdak the Accursed is revealed to be leading the Risen assaults, she offers the Herald of the Pale Tree options to investigate the loss and retrieval of Caladbolg to bring down Mazdak.

When Blightghast the Plaguebringer assaults Claw Island, Cai is among the Whisper agents that assist in evacuating Lion's Arch and patrolling for Risen that bypassed the Priory's defenses in the Western Ward or the Vigil's defenses at Fort Marriner.


Maguuma Jungle

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