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Bounty Boards are objects used to accept bounties. Each bounty board area has a fixed set of unique bounty contracts to choose from, including several champion bounties and one legendary bounty at each location.


Crystal Oasis[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Destiny's Gorge Bounty Board Destiny's Gorge Waypoint (map icon).png Destiny's Gorge Waypoint
Free City of Amnoon Bounty Board Free City of Amnoon Waypoint (map icon).png Amnoon Waypoint
Temple of Kormir Bounty Board Elona Reach Waypoint (map icon).png Temple of Kormir Waypoint

Desert Highlands[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Lommuld Kraal Bounty Board Auburn Hills Waypoint (map icon).png Lommuld Kraal Waypoint
Makali Outpost Bounty Board Diviner's Reach Waypoint (map icon).png Makali Outpost Waypoint
Fortune's Vale Bounty Board Fortune's Vale Waypoint (map icon).png Derelict Delve Waypoint

Elon Riverlands[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Arid Gladefields Bounty Board Arid Gladefields Waypoint (map icon).png Olishar's Oasis Camp Waypoint
Skyward Reach Bounty Board Skyward Reach Waypoint (map icon).png Augury's Shadow Waypoint

The Desolation[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Lair of the Forgotten Bounty Board Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint (map icon).png Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint
The Bonestrand Bounty Board The Bonestrand Waypoint (map icon).png Bonestrand Waypoint
Torment's Watch Bounty Board The Ruination Waypoint (map icon).png The Darklands Waypoint

Domain of Vabbi[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Garden of Seborhin Bounty Board Garden of Seborhin Waypoint (map icon).png Seborhin Waypoint
The Necropolis Bounty Board The Necropolis Waypoint (map icon).png Necropolis Waypoint
Vehjin Palace Bounty Board Vehjin Palace Waypoint (map icon).png Vehjin Palace Waypoint
Vehtendi Academy Bounty Board Vehtendi Academy Waypoint (map icon).png Vehtendi Academy Waypoint

Domain of Istan[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Chalon Docks Bounty Board Chalon Docks Waypoint (map icon).png Chalon Docks Waypoint

Sandswept Isles[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Atholma Bounty Board Atholma Waypoint (map icon).png Atholma Waypoint
Reserve Generator Site Bounty Board Reserve Generator Site Waypoint (map icon).png Anniogel Encampment Waypoint

Domain of Kourna[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Allied Encampment Bounty Board Allied Encampment Waypoint (map icon).png Allied Encampment Waypoint

Jahai Bluffs[edit]

Board Area Waypoint
Kodonur Temple Bounty Board Kodonur Temple Waypoint (map icon).png Yatendi Village Waypoint

Bounty listings[edit]

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