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An activity is a mini-game designed to fit in with the local area. They provide an identical challenge to characters of all levels, and usually switch out weapon skills for new ones specific to the activity. While most involve some sort of PvP, not all involve player competition and can be a fun activity to do alone or with others (depending on the activity). Holiday events tend to involve at least one activity.

The daily activity rotation consists of the following four activities, one available per day from the
Activity (map icon).png
activity NPC in Lion's Arch, near Grand Piazza:

List of activities[edit]

A Target Shoot-out


These activities are associated with one or more achievements. Those marked with a are also part of the current rotation for the Daily achievement category.

Scavenger hunts[edit]

These scavenger hunts grant explorer achievements upon their first completion:

Other types of games[edit]

These mini-games are permanent part of Guild Wars 2, but do not count for the daily activities or any other achievements:

Activity items[edit]

These items can be used anywhere to begin an activity.

Historical and recurring activities[edit]

These activities were first available during their respective in-game release(s). Some of them become available again later, for example as part of the daily activity rotation.

Activity Type Location Introduced Appearances Currently available
Activity (map icon).png
Aspect Arena
Team-based PvP Labyrinthine Cliffs 2013-07-23
Living Story (map icon).png
Beacons of Kryta
Scavenger hunt (timed) Divinity's Reach 2013-08-06
Event Wintersday.png
Bell Choir
Non-combat, musical activity Lion's Arch 2012-12-14
Activity (map icon).png
Crab Toss
Free-for-all PvP Southsun Cove 2013-05-14 on daily rotation
Dragon Bash.png
Dragon Ball
Team-based PvP Lion's Arch 2013-06-11
Activity (map icon).png
Keg Brawl
Team-based PvP Hoelbrak on daily rotation
Living Story Collector.png
Lessons from the Sky
Scavenger hunt Labyrinthine Cliffs 2013-07-09
Event pumpkin (map icon).png
Lunatic Inquisition
Team-based PvP Mad King's Realm 2012-10-22
Activity (map icon).png
Moa Racing
Betting Lion's Arch June 11, 2013 removed with Escape from Lion's Arch
Event pumpkin (map icon).png
Reaper's Rumble
Team-based PvP Mad King's Realm 2012-10-22
Activity (map icon).png
Sanctum Sprint
Racing game Labyrinthine Cliffs 2013-07-09 on daily rotation
Event Wintersday.png
Snowball Mayhem
Team-based PvP Lion's Arch 2012-12-14
Activity (map icon).png
Southsun Survival
Free-for-all PvP Labyrinthine Cliffs 2013-07-23 on daily rotation
Activity (map icon).png
Super Adventure Box
Team adventure Rata Sum 2013-04-01
  • April 2013: World 1
  • September 2013: World 2
Event Wintersday.png
Tower defense Lion's Arch 2012-12-14
The four activities that are part of the daily rotation can be started by speaking with the activity NPC in Lion's Arch, located in Grand Piazza and marked with the
Activity (map icon).png
icon. The name of the NPC varies with the activity.


A guardian's aegis is triggered within several activities even when it is not visible on the guardian. This disrupts several activities as the aegis may absorb hits even from friendly players (e.g.: Keg disappears in Keg brawl, Crab is absorbed and disappears in Crab Toss).
  • Only the daily activity that is on rotation for the day counts towards the Daily Activity Participation achievement.


  • Before launch, ArenaNet suggest that they had plans for as many as 30 activities or mini-games, but only a few have been implemented. Previously mentioned ideas include: Archery/Target Range.[1], Bar Brawl, Polymock, Smash 'Em Up.[2], and an unknown activity that involves shooting mini golems that explode. [3]


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