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Game updates

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Recent updates
Older updates

This page is a copy of recent updates published on the official forum. Any undocumented changes will be listed under "Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes".

Update – August 21, 2014

Bug Fixes

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes

  • Build: 37,900

Update – August 14, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Added translated subtitles for the cinematic that plays at the end of episode 4.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes

  • Build: 37,556

Update – August 13, 2014

Bug Fixes

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes

  • Build: 37,503

Update – August 12, 2014

Living World: The Dragon's Reach, Part 2

As Taimi works to save waypoints and world leaders converge on the Grove for the historic summit with the Pale Tree, the shadow of Mordremoth looms over all. Will Taimi's waypoint device work? Will world leaders work together to face the growing dragon threat? Or will they all be reminded that no one is safe from the dragon's reach?


After completing The Dragon's Reach, Part 2, showcase your tactical mastery as a hero of Tyria by completing challenging, episode-related achievements.


Balance, Bug-fixing, Polish

World Polish

Personal Story

Profession Skills

  • Tactics Inspiring Banners:
    • Changed the range increase skill fact to radius increase for clarity.
  • Strength Reckless Dodge:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the damage from this trait from being attributed to Reckless Dodge in the combat log.

World vs. World

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store

New Items and Promotions

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes

Update - August 6, 2014

  • No patch notes are available.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes

  • Build: 37,160

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