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Use this infobox for defining general items within the game, e.g. trophies, recipe sheets, crafting materials.

{{item infobox
| name = 
| icon = 
| description = 
| hint =
| type = 
| rarity = 
| value = 
| bound = 
| id = 


Parameter Optional? Default Notes
name Optional Name of the article ({{PAGENAME}})
icon Optional File:{{PAGENAME}}.png Inventory icon.
description Verbatim from the game
hint Used only for collection items that display hint text
type <type> Use only these values:
  • consumable — effect when used; see subtypes below
    • alcohol — consumable that causes intoxication and contributes to Thirst Slayer
    • armor skin — consumable used to unlock an armor skin for your account
    • back skin — consumable used to unlock a back item skin for your account
    • blueprintBlueprint
    • booster — consumable that provides a boost effect.
    • decoration — consumable that deposists a decoration in the guild's decoration storage
    • dye — consumable that unlocks a dye color for your account
    • feast — consumable that spawns a feast object
    • food — consumable that provides a food-based nourishment effect
    • miniature — consumable that unlocks a mini creature for your account
    • outfit skin — consumable used to unlock an outfit skin for your account
    • recipe sheet — consumable used to learn a recipe
    • service — consumable that takes effect immediately upon receipt
    • tonic — consumable that transforms the user's character
    • trapTrap
    • trickTrick
    • utility item — consumable that provides a utility nourishment effect
    • weapon skin — consumable used to unlock a weapon skin for your account
  • container — consumable that puts other items into the player's inventory
  • crafting material - materials used for crafting. Also set the "material type" parameter, see below.
  • gathering tool — used to gather wood/ore/plants
    • harvesting sickle
    • logging axe
    • mining pick
  • gizmo - non-consumable that activates something
    • musical instrument - gizmos that change the skill bar to play music.
    • toy - "Costume Brawl Toy" gizmos.
    • travel - gizmos for movement
  • salvage item — salvage items
  • salvage kit — used to salvage upgrades or materials
  • trophy
    • junk — gray rarity items that have no use but to sell to npcs
    • event item — item only involved in an event or story
material type Optional The material type for any item with type = Crafting material set.
Use any of the following:
tier Optional The crafting tier for any crafting material
key Optional Keyword for categorization, e.g.
  • Superior rune of power add key = power to add to P instead of S in the category
alcohol Optional Parameter for alcohol level of items in Category:Alcohol; the number of points the drink contributes to Thirst Slayer upon consumption.
skin type Optional Identifies the skin type for type = skin. Set to values prescribed by Property:Has skin type
skin Optional Identifies the skin unlocked for type = skin. Separate multiple values with a comma.
miniature set Optional Identifies the miniature set that a miniature belongs to. This can either be "special" or a number, e.g. "1" for set #1.
miniature index Optional The order in which miniatures appear in the account vault. Assists with semantic queries and does not display anything on the page.
decoration type Optional Identifies the decoration type for type = decoration. Set to values prescribed by Property:Has decoration type
variables Optional The benefits of gemstones, jewels and consumables. Use Template:Item stat/Template:Nourishment for this parameter.
Optional. n to skip auto-categorization. Rarely used but useful for corner-case pages. If using "status", don't set this parameter.
Optional. Status of content. Only set if not currently obtainable ingame, displays relevant notice. Available options: "historical", "discontinued", "future", "unimplemented", "current" (default).
Optional. (legacy parameter). Duplicates function of setting status = historical. y displays the {{historical content}} notice.

The following parameters are handled by the {{Default item parameter}} template:

Parameter Optional? Default Notes
collection Optional If the item is part of any collections, separated by ";". If no collection page exists, set it to the achievement subobject.
prefix Optional The nomenclature prefix that describes the attribute bonuses on the item. Automatically sets the attribute bonuses in the description based on {{item stat lookup}} and {{prefix attributes}}. Use only if the item's stats match a standard prefix.
rarity Specified Unspecified rarity: junk, basic, fine, masterwork, rare, exotic, ascended, legendary.
level Optional Required level to use the item.
race Optional Required race to use item. Currently only used for cultural armor and cultural weapons.
unique Optional Whether the item is unique. "y" for yes, omit parameter if no.
bound Optional Under what conditions the item becomes bound. Do not specify if item is not bound.


  • acquire → "Soulbound on acquire"
  • use → "Soulbound on use"
  • account → "Account bound"
  • account soul → "Account bound, Soulbound on use"
  • account use → "Account bound on use"
  • (blank) → No binding text
cost Optional Currency cost of the item when purchased from a vendor.
To match it to the display in any vendor window, use the amount and the appropriate icon template, e.g. {{coin|500}}, 500 {{item icon|zhaitaffy}}, or 500 {{token|Guild Commendation}}
value Optional The number of Copper coin coins a vendor will pay for this item; use only the number, since the template assumes copper coins.
id Optional The item id. Does allow multiple ids to be set by using a comma-separated list.
other ids Optional Other item ids that are not displayed as chat links.
skin id Optional If given, an additional skin chat link will be displayed above the item chat link.

For miniatures, toys and town clothing the following parameter may be used:

Parameter Optional? Default Notes
name Required The canonical name of item, used for Property:Has caption.
gallery1 ... gallery5 Optional {{PAGENAME}}.jpg Gallery images of the item.
gallery1-text ... gallery5-text Optional Click to enlarge Gallery image descriptions.


{{Item infobox
| name = Pile of Soiled Essence
| type = crafting material
| value = 12 
| rarity = common

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