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Soldier's is a triple attribute bonus that appears on some equipment. It is noteworthy for being the bonus used on all legendary weapons.

Attribute Array
Prefixes Soldier's
Suffixes of the Soldier
Major Attribute Power.png Power
Minor Attributes Toughness.png Toughness
Vitality.png Vitality
Activators Deadly Bloom.png Deadly Bloom
Manifesto of the Moletariate.png Manifesto of the Moletariate
Shard of Zhaitan.png Shard of Zhaitan
Dungeons Ascalonian Catacombs
Sorrow's Embrace
Honor of the Waves

Best Available Equipment[edit]

(Legendary weapons not shown.)

Weapons Best Mystic Forge Dungeons Badges of Honor
One-handed Axe FExotic Royal Ascalonian Axe.png Royal Ascalonian Axe
Dark Asuran Axe.png Dark Asuran Axe
Axe of the Dragon's Deep.png Axe of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Cleaver.png Invaders Axe
Dagger FExotic Royal Ascalonian Dagger.png Royal Ascalonian Dagger
Dark Asuran Dagger.png Dark Asuran Dagger
Dagger of the Dragon's Deep.png Dagger of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Shiv.png Invaders Dagger
Mace FExotic Royal Ascalonian Mace.png Royal Ascalonian Mace
Dark Asuran Mace.png Dark Asuran Mace
Mace of the Dragon's Deep.png Mace of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Mallet.png Invaders Mace
Pistol FExotic Royal Ascalonian Pistol.png Royal Ascalonian Pistol
Dark Asuran Pistol.png Dark Asuran Pistol
Pistol of the Dragon's Deep.png Pistol of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Revolver.png Invaders Pistol
Scepter FExotic Royal Ascalonian Scepter.png Royal Ascalonian Scepter
Dark Asuran Scepter.png Dark Asuran Scepter
Scepter of the Dragon's Deep.png Scepter of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Baton.png Invaders Scepter
Sword FExotic Unspoken Curse.png Unspoken Curse Royal Ascalonian Sword.png Royal Ascalonian Sword
Dark Asuran Sword.png Dark Asuran Sword
Sword of the Dragon's Deep.png Sword of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Slicer.png Invaders Sword
Off-hand Focus FExotic Royal Ascalonian Focus.png Royal Ascalonian Focus
Dark Asuran Focus.png Dark Asuran Focus
Focus of the Dragon's Deep.png Focus of the Dragon's Deep
Invaders Focus.png Invaders Focus
Shield FExotic Royal Ascalonian Shield.png Royal Ascalonian Shield
Dark Asuran Shield.png Dark Asuran Shield
Shield of the Dragon's Deep.png Shield of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Ward.png Invaders Shield
Torch FExotic Royal Ascalonian Torch.png Royal Ascalonian Torch
Dark Asuran Torch.png Dark Asuran Torch
Torch of the Dragon's Deep.png Torch of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Torch.png Invaders Torch
Warhorn FExotic Royal Ascalonian Warhorn.png Royal Ascalonian Warhorn
Dark Asuran Warhorn.png Dark Asuran Warhorn
Warhorn of the Dragon's Deep.png Warhorn of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Bugle.png Invaders Warhorn
Two-handed Greatsword FExotic Royal Ascalonian Greatsword.png Royal Ascalonian Greatsword
Dark Asuran Greatsword.png Dark Asuran Greatsword
Greatsword of the Dragon's Deep.png Greatsword of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Sunderer.png Invaders Greatsword
Hammer FExotic Royal Ascalonian Hammer.png Royal Ascalonian Hammer
Dark Asuran Hammer.png Dark Asuran Hammer
Hammer of the Dragon's Deep.png Hammer of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Demolisher.png Invaders Hammer
Longbow FExotic Royal Ascalonian Longbow.png Royal Ascalonian Longbow
Dark Asuran Longbow.png Dark Asuran Longbow
Longbow of the Dragon's Deep.png Longbow of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Longbow.png Invaders Longbow
Rifle FExotic Royal Ascalonian Rifle.png Royal Ascalonian Rifle
Dark Asuran Rifle.png Dark Asuran Rifle
Rifle of the Dragon's Deep.png Rifle of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Musket.png Invaders Rifle
Short Bow FExotic Royal Ascalonian Short Bow.png Royal Ascalonian Short Bow
Dark Asuran Short Bow.png Dark Asuran Short Bow
Short Bow of the Dragon's Deep.png Short Bow of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Short Bow.png Invaders Short Bow
Staff FExotic Royal Ascalonian Staff.png Royal Ascalonian Staff
Dark Asuran Staff.png Dark Asuran Staff
Staff of the Dragon's Deep.png Staff of the Dragon's Deep
Bandit Spire.png Invaders Staff
Aquatic Harpoon gun FExotic Royal Ascalonian Speargun.png Royal Ascalonian Speargun
Dark Asuran Speargun.png Dark Asuran Speargun
Rifle of the Dragon's Deep.png Speargun of the Dragon's Deep
Steam Rifle.png Invaders Speargun
Spear FExotic Royal Ascalonian Harpoon.png Royal Ascalonian Harpoon
Dark Asuran Harpoon.png Dark Asuran Harpoon
Harpoon of the Dragon's Deep.png Harpoon of the Dragon's Deep
Iron Polearm.png Invaders Harpoon
Trident FExotic Royal Ascalonian Trident.png Royal Ascalonian Trident
Dark Asuran Trident.png Dark Asuran Trident
Staff of the Dragon's Deep.png Trident of the Dragon's Deep
Black Earth Trident.png Invaders Trident

Armor Best Karma Dungeons Badges of Honor
Light Head FExotic Aurora Helm.png Light Mortal Helm of Grenth
Aurora Helm.png Light Whispering Helm of Infiltration
Ascalonian Performer Mask.png Ascalonian Performer Mask
Forgeman Mask.png Forgeman Mask
Gaze of the Lich.png Gaze of the Lich
Shoulders FExotic Aurora Mantle.png Light Arcon Mantle of Dwayna Ascalonian Performer Mantle.png Ascalonian Performer Mantle
Forgeman Mantle.png Forgeman Mantle
Mantle of the Lich.png Mantle of the Lich
Chest FExotic Aurora Garb.png Light Armageddon Garb of Balthazar
Aurora Garb.png Light Whispering Garb of Infiltration
Ascalonian Performer Vestments.png Ascalonian Performer Vestments
Forgeman Raiment.png Forgeman Raiment
Vestments of the Lich.png Vestments of the Lich
Hands FExotic Aurora Gloves.png Light Arcon Gloves of Dwayna
Aurora Gloves.png Light Armageddon Gloves of Balthazar
Ascalonian Performer Gloves.png Ascalonian Performer Gloves
Forgeman Wristguards.png Forgeman Wristguards
Wrappings of the Lich.png Wrappings of the Lich
Legs FExotic Ascalonian Performer Pants.png Ascalonian Performer Pants
Forgeman Leggings.png Forgeman Leggings
Trappings of the Lich.png Trappings of the Lich
Feet FExotic Aurora Shoes.png Light Armageddon Shoes of Balthazar
Aurora Shoes.png Light Mortal Shoes of Grenth
Aurora Shoes.png Light Whispering Shoes of Infiltration
Ascalonian Performer Shoes.png Ascalonian Performer Shoes
Forgeman Shoes.png Forgeman Shoes
Walkers of the Lich.png Walkers of the Lich
Aqua Breather DMasterwork (79) Aqua Breather.png Kohlopoi Aquabreather
Medium Head FExotic Rubicon Hat.png Medium Arcon Mask of Dwayna
Rubicon Hat.png Medium Aurora Mask
Ascalonian Sentry Hat.png Ascalonian Leather Hat
Forgeman Headguard.png Forgeman Headguard
Accursed Visage.png Orrian Reward Helm

Trinkets Best Dungeon Recipes Mystic Forge Karma Laurels Fractals Badges of Honor
Amulet GAscended Mark of the Imperial Guard.png Mark of the Imperial Guard
Thackeray Family Crest.png Thackeray Family Crest
Barradin Family Crest.png Barradin Family Crest
Ring GAscended Lost Seal of Usoku.png Lost Seal of Usoku
Royal Signet of Doric.png Royal Signet of Doric
Lost Seal of Usoku.png Lost Seal of Usoku
Royal Signet of Doric.png Royal Signet of Doric
Accessory FExotic Ash Legion Covert Demolition Field Guide FM-29B.png Shukov's Launch Codes Caudecus's Journal.png Soldier's Field Guide Invader's
Back Item GAscended Prototype Fractal Capacitor.png Prototype Fractal Capacitor Quiver.png Bowyer's Delight
Koss on Koss.png Koss on Koss

Upgrades Best Loot
Jewel (none)
Universal ERare Crest of the Soldier.png Crest of the Soldier

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