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An activator is a Guild Wars 2 Wiki term to describe the material in a recipe that gives a crafted product unique properties compared to the generic version of the same type of item. For example, the recipes for Mighty and Vital Jute Insignia are both crafted from one Bolt of Jute and an activator: Vial of Weak Blood for the first and Bone Chip for the second.

When crafting an equippable item, the activator used determines the item's prefix and, therefore, the attributes it improves when equipped. Crafted jewelry also comes with a copy of the activator in its upgrade slot.

Types of activators[edit]

Activator Used to create
Intermediate crafting materials Insignia, Inscriptions, Bags
Insignia Armor
Inscriptions Weapons
Gemstones and Jewels Trinkets


  • Standard insignia and inscriptions require three of the same activator (e.g. hearty wool insignias are crafted from three small scales). The upgraded versions (embroidered insignia and plated inscriptions) require eight of the same activator. The intricate (rare) versions require 15 of the same activator. Exotic versions require 5 activators and 5 Globs of Ectoplasm.