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Missing acquisition information for the following level 80 exotics:

Major Minor Prefix Weapons Armor Back items Amulets Rings Accessories
Light Medium Heavy
Power Precision Critical Damage Berserker's
Power Toughness Vitality Soldier's Prototype Sheath.png Prototype Sheath
Power Vitality Critical Damage Valkyrie Rhendak's Signet.png Rhendak's Signet Ulgoth's Tail.png Ulgoth's Tail
Precision Power Condition Damage Rampager's
Toughness Power Precision Knight's
Vitality Condition Damage Healing Power Shaman's Iron Shackles.png Wraithlord Chains Melandru's Bloom.png Melandru's Bloom
Condition Damage Power Vitality Carrion Spineguard.png Spineguard of the North
Condition Damage Precision Toughness Rabid Signet of Grenth.png Signet of Grenth
Healing Power Power Toughness Cleric's Star of Dwayna.png Star of Dwayna
Healing Power Precision Vitality Magi's Dwayna's Embrace.png Dwayna's Embrace
Magic Find Power Precision Explorer's Sam.png Sam
Magic Find Power Condition Damage Traveler's All Seeing.png All Seeing