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Guild Wars 2 - My Bio: I am retired, play MMO's 24/7, and have been playing fantasy games since 1979.

  • Started Playing GW1: January 26, 2008
  • GW1 Campaigns Completed: Prophecies, Factions (My Favorite), Nightfall, and Eye of the North
  • GW1 Thoughts: Guild Wars was a ground breaking MMO designed for PvE players.
    • Pre-Purchased Guild Wars 2: May 18, 2012 - (I missed BetaWeekEnd 1. [April 27-29, 2012])
  • Started Playing GW2: 9:03pm Pacific Time on August 24, 2012-(June 8, 2012 BWE 2.) on Maguuma server. (Now on Kaineng)
  • GW2 Campaigns Completed: Zhaitan (?) - HoT - PoF
  • GW2 Thoughts: Guild Wars 2 is slowly becoming as good as the original Guild Wars. (I still miss the 2nd profession & Cantha.)
    • Heart of Thorns: (Purchased April 29, 2017) Gliding is useful, but that's about it. (I would not recommend to anyone.)
    • Path of Fire: (Pre-Purchased August 01, 2017) Not as tedious as HoT, the Mounts are useful, and it brings back memories.

The main purpose of these User Pages: (Use CTRL+Mouse Scroll to resize pages)

  • Primarily to keep track of each Profession's builds, and any tips that might help to play them.
    • I only play PvE, and I tend to reroll my characters from time to time, and I got tired of reworking these pages.
  • I prefer playing Asura, they're funny, and easier to explore with, but I needed at least one character in each race.
    • I found that when I do World Bosses with Warriors I tend to do a lot better than with the other professions.
    • The Human Warrior is much weaker than the other race's warriors, even with Ascended Gear, so I don't have one.
    • My Heavy Armor classes use: Heritage Armor w/Banded Shoulders, Heavy Plate Chest/Legguards, and Vigil's Honor boots.
  • All use: Benson's armor/Sentinel Weps/Deadrun's Trinkets w/Trooper Runes/Exquisite Emeralds & Force/Accuracy Sigils.
  • Except for Abizea and Peba, all of these names are the names of my GW1 characters.
  • I am not an expert. The builds in these pages are what works for me, and that I enjoy playing. GL/GG!