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{{dialogue icon|<name>}}


unnamed parameter
Required. The name of the dialogue icon to be shown. If set equal to "misc", the template accepts a second (the icon) and third parameter (the link target).


{{dialogue icon|back}} → Talk back option tango.png

Possible values[edit]

Value Icon
more Talk more option tango.png
back Talk back option tango.png
end Talk end option tango.png
charisma Charisma
dignity Dignity
ferocity Ferocity
choice Talk quest choice tango.png
combat Talk combat option tango.png
give Talk give option tango.png
heartno Incomplete heart (map icon).png
heartyes Complete heart (map icon).png
herono Hero point empty.png
heroyes Hero point.png
karma Karma.png
ready Talk ready option.png
sell Talk Merchant.png
story Talk quest option tango.png
yes Tick green.png
collection Talk collection option.png
question mark Talk question mark option.png
tick Tick black option.png
end alt End alt option.png
legendary weapon Legendary Weapons (achievements).png
ls talk Talk ls option tango.png
recap Living Story Recap.png

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